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commandments found in Exodus 20

OPtion 1:
Have the pictures in order of the commandments. Hold up each picture in it’s turn and have the children tell you about the picture then relate it them personally and to the commandment. Display the picture and the commandment strip together. (by child holding them, on a board of sorts) Once through all of them, if time permits, scramble a few and have the children put them back in order. Sing Keep the Commandments.

Option 2:
Pass out envelopes numbered one through ten telling the children to keep them un opened until you call the number on the envelope. Go over each commandments, in a random order, so the children understand each of them. AFter that have the children put the commandments in order, guessing if they have too. Have the children hold the commandments so they easily moved. When ready to check the order of the commandment have the children open the envelopes, in order, to find out if they are in the correct order. At the end sing Keep the Commandments.

Clues in the envelopes:
One- written #1 Heavenly Father; 2- picture of a graven image; #3- A person with a taking bubble above their head #4 the days of the week with Sunday cirlced; #5-Picture of a father and mother; #6-gun with a do not sign over it; #7 drawing of wedding rings; #8- a picture of money; #9- the word Lie with a do not over it #10- the words “I want – I want – I want”.

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