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Patty and the Personal Progress Operator

We had a fun New Beginnings evening with a 50’s theme. Decorations included old LP’s with labels on them going with the different values.

We had helium balloons of the different value colors also attached to glass ice cream sundae dishes as centerpieces at the tables. We also had Skittles in the centerpieces. We called it the “Heavenly Sweets Ice Cream Parlor” and for refreshments we had drinks of the different value colors. The white ice cream was for Faith and the girls and parents got a float with ice cream and the drink color they chose. The drink bottles had cute bright labels with the different value colors and the value on them.

We did an original skit called “Patty and the Personal Progress Operator” which turned out really cute. We also used 50’s slang in introducing the upcoming Beehives.

Penny B.



YW Skit for New Beginnings 2004

Patty Progress –
Personal Progress Operator – adult leader
Francis Faith –
Doris Divine –
Wanda Worth –
Nancy Knowledge –
Chandra Choice –
Annie Accountability –
Gladys Good Works –
Ida Integrity –
Special Effects (carries sign across stage between each segment) –
Special Effects (turns the page in the large PP book for each segment) –

(All girls in 50’s style skirts and matching scarfs in their value color, pink skirt for Patty, Chandra and Annie are dressed as twins because they are “choice and accountability” together)

(Props include large telephones with microphone inside, sign “a few months later”, oversized Personal Progress book with a page for each value, and Patty’s table of props includes scriptures, Strength of Youth book, personal progress book, journal, etc.)

(For the large telephone we used a large plastic bowl inverted, with a plastic toilet paper roll holder sticking up with prongs made from cardboard and wire, and the receiver on top was made from two plastic cups with shower rings hot glued between them. The cups were large enough so that the talking one held a microphone. The microphone cord became the cord from the receiver to the telephone. The whole thing was painted bright pink. A plastic canning lid glued to the front with numbered circles was the dial pad for the phone. We made two of these large telephones, one for Patty Progress and one for the value girls to use. The operator used a light bright cube with the value colors in circles which she “connected” to Patty for each phone call. We made the telephone ringing sound with a small toy phone.)

Patty is center stage with a chair and a low table of props, operator is far stage left, value girls enter from right side of the stage to their telephone when it is their turn. We had a bean bag chair for the value girls next to a low stand with the telephone on it. The girls did different poses when they came out, mostly lounging poses.

Patty: I just got my new Personal Progress book
I want to do my part
It lists all the values and in the back
It has a helpful chart
But there are so many things to do
Just where should I start?

I think I’ll call the operator
She’ll know what to do
Perhaps she could connect me
To an expert or two.

(Patty calls operator, telephone rings)

Operator: This is the Personal Progress operator
I’ll help you right away
What value are you working on
This fine and lovely day?

Patty: I know I have a testimony
But I want to help it grow
Working on the value Faith
Would be the way to go

(turn to Faith page in large PP book)

Operator: I know just the person dear
She’s bubbly and she’s bright
I’ll connect you to Francis Faith
She’ll help you see the light.

(telephone rings, Francis enters and answers her phone)

Francis: Faith residence, Francis speaking.

Patty: Hi Francis, this is Patty Progress. I’m beginning to work on my Personal Progress and I thought I’d start with the value Faith. Can you give me some advice?

Francis: Sure! Faith is a great place to start. I learned to listen to the holy spirit and increased my testimony of Jesus Christ. My best friend is not a member of the church and the things I learned from Personal Progress helped me to share the gospel and my testimony with her. My faith continues to grow each day. As you work on the faith experiences, your faith will grow too. Good luck, Patty!

Patty: Thanks so much Francis. I’ll start by writing my testimony in my journal right now!

(hangs up phone and writes in journal, sign “a few months later” goes across stage, Patty calls operator again, telephone rings.)

Operator: Personal Progress Operator here
So you’re back again
What value are you doing next?
I’ll find you another friend.

Patty: I’m doing great on Faith now.
Francis was such a delight
But my next value is Divine Nature
And I might not get it right.

(turn to Divine Nature page in large PP book)

Operator: I’ve got the perfect friend for you
Her name is Doris Divine
She’s sweet and nice and lots of fun
She’s sure to help you shine.

(telephone rings, Doris enters and answers her phone)

Doris: Divine residence, you’re speaking to Doris, Naturally.

Patty: Hi Doris, it’s Patty Progress. I am working on Divine Nature in my Personal Progress. Could you give me some advice please?

Doris: Sure, Patty. Divine Nature was one of my favorite values. As I began my own Personal Progress, I was so excited to work on Divine Nature. I have always known that I am a daughter of God, but when I started working on my value experiences, I began to draw even closer to my Heavenly Father. I wanted to be more like him. As I studied the Family Proclamation, I realized what a special gift it is to be a woman.

Patty: Wow! The Family Proclamation is right here in the front of my Personal Progress book. I can get started on that value experience right now!

(hangs up phone and looks at Family Proclamation, sign “a few months later” goes across stage. Patty calls operator again, telephone rings.)

Operator: Personal Progress Operator
I see you need help once more
No matter what value you want to choose
I’ve got a friend in store.

Patty: Thanks to my new friend Doris
I’m feeling just divine
Now it’s on to Individual Worth
And that will take some time

(turn to Individual Worth page in large PP book)

Operator: Wanda Worth, she’s just the one
You’re really going to love her.
She’ll help you build your confidence
And your true worth discover.

(telephone rings, Wanda enters and answers her phone)

Wanda: Worth residence. The individual you are speaking to is Wanda.

Patty: Hi Wanda, it’s Patty Progress. I am working on my Personal Progress and was hoping that you could help me with Individual Worth.

Wanda: Sure Patty. Individual Worth is so important. Before you can truly succeed in anything, you have to believe in yourself. I remember when I was the Laurel Class President. I was so nervous about standing up in front of everyone. But the more I worked on my individual worth, the more confident I felt. Even when I would make mistakes, I knew that I was still loved and special, a daughter of my Father in Heaven. We’re all daughters of Father in Heaven, even you, Patty.

Patty: Thanks, Wanda! I am giving a talk in sacrament meeting next week. Now I am not so nervous.

(hangs up phone and begins to write her talk, sign “a few months later” goes across stage. Patty calls operator again, telephone rings.)

Operator: Personal Progress Operator
Here to take your call
What value is it this time
I’ve got a friend for all.

Patty: Wanda Worth was wonderful
And so encouraging too.
But now I’m needing Knowledge
I need someone smart like you.

(turn to Knowledge page in large PP book)

Operator: Why thank you dear, that’s very sweet
I learned a lot in college
But the friend I’d recommend for you
Is a girl named Nancy Knowledge.

(telephone rings, Nancy enters and answers her phone)

Nancy: House of Knowledge, Nancy speaking.

Patty: Hi Nancy, it’s Patty Progress. I am working on my Personal Progress and I am focusing on Knowledge right now. Could you give me some advice?

Nancy: Certainly Patty! I love Knowledge. There is so much to learn about, and not just in school. I love learning anything that will help me strengthen my testimony, raise my children in the future, or develop new skills and hobbies. My favorite thing to learn about has been my Family History. It has helped me to know more about myself and who I am. You could learn more about yourself by doing your family history too!

Patty: I never thought about it that way Nancy. Thanks a lot. I’ll get started right away.

(hangs up phone and looks at family history chart, sign “a few months later” goes across stage. Patty calls operator again, telephone rings.)

Operator: Personal Progress Operator
Always here with a smile
What value is it this time dear?
I’ll find a friend to dial.

Patty: Nancy was a great help
She’s smart, yet has humility.
The value I think I’ll do next
Is Choice and Accountability.

(turn to Choice and Accountability page in large PP book)

Operator: Choices are very important
I know just what to do
Chandra Choice and Annie Accountability
Instead of one friend, you’ll have two.

(telephone rings, Chandra and Annie enter and answer their phone)

Chandra: Choice . . .

Annie: and Accountability Residence.

Chandra: Chandra and . . .

Annie: Annie speaking.

C & A: May we help you?

Patty: Chandra and Annie! Just who I wanted to talk to. It’s me, Patty Progress. I have just started working on Choice and Accountability in my personal progress. Could you give me some direction?

Chandra: Sure Patty. Even though we have been given the free agency to make our own decisions… We need to always remember that we must also take responsibility for them. Good or bad.

Annie: One thing that we do to help us make better decisions is to always remember these four letter . . . WWJD. What Would Jesus Do? We also read the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet together to learn how to keep our standards high and avoid making bad choices.

Patty: I have my Strength of Youth pamphlet right here. Thanks girls. You’ve been such a great help. I’ll go work on this right now.

(hangs up phone and looks at Strength of Youth pamphlet, sign “a few months later” goes across stage. Patty calls operator again, telephone rings.)

Operator: Personal Progress Operator
At your service dear
What value are you doing next?
I’ll help you, never fear.

Patty: Chandra Choice and Annie Accountability
Were two great friends indeed
If I could learn to do Good Works
That’s the next thing that I need.

(turn to Good Works page in large PP book)

Operator: Good Works you say, well let me think
Who comes to my mind?
Gladys Good Works is the one
She’s helpful and she’s kind.

(telephone rings, Gladys enters and answers her phone)

Gladys: Hello. You’ve reached the Good Works residence. This is Gladys. May I help you?

Patty: Hi Gladys. I’ve just started working on Good Works in my Personal Progress. Can you give me some guidance?

Gladys: Sure Patty. I’ve learned a lot about service through doing Good Works value experiences. I prepared meals for my family for two weeks and I did free babysitting too. I also like to write notes to my friends when they are having troubles. In the scriptures it says that when we serve our fellow men we are actually serving Jesus. Service makes me feel good about myself and those around me.

Patty: I have a friend who is going through a hard time right now. I could cheer her up by writing a letter. Thanks for the ideas. Giving service is going to be great!

(hangs up phone and writes a letter, sign “a few months later” goes across stage. Patty calls operator again, telephone rings.)

Operator: You’re back so soon to talk to me
I expected you sooner or later.
You’ve been moving right along
Thanks to your helpful operator.

Patty: Gladys Good Works was so great
Now my service is on track.
It seems the value Integrity
Is the only thing I lack.

(turn to Integrity page in large PP book)

Operator: You need a friend who’s loyal
Full of honesty and truth.
Ida Integrity is just the friend
To help you in your youth.

(telephone rings, Ida enters and answers her phone)

Ida: Well, hello there! This is Ida Integrity. What can I do for you today?

Patty: Hi Ida. I’m working on Integrity in my Personal Progress and was hoping that you could give me some advice. I’m not even sure what the word Integrity means.

Ida: Sure Patty, I’d love to help. Integrity means that our actions agree with our beliefs. We show Integrity by the choices we make and the actions we take. Our Young Women theme says that we should “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things and in all places”. Working on Integrity has helped me to choose modest clothing, to be honest and truthful, and to be worthy to go to the temple someday. The scriptures have great examples of Integrity.

Patty: That’s a great place to start. I’m going to read about individuals who lived with Integrity in the scriptures and learn from their examples.

(hangs up phone and looks at scriptures, sign “a few months later” goes across stage. Patty calls operator again, telephone rings.)

Operator: Personal Progress Operator
Aren’t you at the end?
I’ve run clean out of help for you
I haven’t another friend.

Patty: Ida Integrity was wonderful
In my beliefs I’ll be so strong.
This time I just called to thank you
For helping me along.

(turn to chart page in large PP book, all squares are starred in)

My Personal Progress is finished
I earned my medallion today.
I couldn’t have done it without you
And the friends you sent my way.

(special effects girls place a large PP medallion around Patty’s neck)

Operator: You’re never really finished
Personal Progress is just the start
To setting goals your whole life through
And trying to do your part
To make this world a better place
With or without a chart.

(hangs up phone, all girls come to the front of the stage, say the following lines in unison or assign each girl a line to say.)

All girls: So remember all young women
You don’t have to do it alone.
Friends and leaders and parents can help you
They’re as near as your telephone.

As you work on your Personal Progress
We hope you have a great time
You can get your medallion like Patty
But you don’t need to talk in rhyme!


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