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Book of Mormon Time Travelers: A Primary Quarterly Activity

I am a counselor in the Primary Presidency, and am over the Quarterly Activities. For our first Quarterly Activity we are going to be time traveling to different Book of Mormon Stories. Here is the script to our ‘Book of Mormon Time Travelers’ Primary Quarterly Activity.

Provided by Sheena Perron at


Book of Mormon Time Travelers

What you will need:

  • A time machine- we used the overflow in between the chapel and the cultural hall.
  • A CD or Tape player Children’s Songbook CD/tape- I played ‘Book of Mormon Stories’ while we were traveling through time.
  • A Disco Ball Light (optional)- I thought it would be neat to have a disco ball light to simulate time travel.
  • Horn or Whistle- This will be used to tell the children when it is time to return to the time machine.
  • A Lab coat- for the Mad Scientist, the scientist will be the main character and narrator for the activity.
  • Glasses or goggles
  • Gold Plates
  • GAK Pictures: 300, 301, 302, 315
  • Swords
  • Bow and Arrows
  • Clubs
  • Costumes Tree- for the Tree of Life
  • Iron Rod Fog Machine- for the Mist of Darkness
  • Fruit- I just made caramel apples dipped in white chocolate, so that they would be white. You could use strawberries too.
  • Crumpled up pieces of paper- will be used as stones


Have everyone gather in one area, we had them gather in the foyer, which is right by the overflow. Once most of the children are there have an opening prayer.

-During this time, while waiting for all the children to arrive, we will be playing a ‘Who am I’ game. We will be choosing 6-8 different people from the Book of Mormon that the children will have to guess who they are. We will have clues to give 4-5 clues to give them.


The Scientist will come out of the Time Machine/Overflow, excited. She will tell the kids that she’s finally finished and that it works. The Scientist then tells the kids about her time machine and asks if they would like to come along on an amazing journey through time. Then lead all of the children into the time machine and have them sit down. The Scientist will tell the kids that before she came out of the time machine and talked to them, she went to a far away land, and during a time that happened long ago. She’ll continue on telling them the story of Lehi.

Inside the Time Machine:

Lehi’s Family Goes into the Wilderness (3 minutes) Show them GAK pictures 300 & 301 and then tell them the story of ‘Lehi Prophesying’ and ‘Lehi and his Family Going into the Wilderness’.

Remind the children that these are true stories that actually happened. Tell them how Lehi and his family left everything behind because they wanted to be obedient. Wouldn’t that be hard to do? Are you ready to begin our journey through time? Alright, let’s go! Let me just enter in the date and place. Now get ready, and hold on!!!

(Turn on the music (Book of Mormon Stories) and the disco ball light to simulate traveling through time. Have this go for just a little bit and then turn everything off. Scientist: I think we’re here. Let’s open the doors and see…

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