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Visiting Teaching Workshop: SHIRT theme

This outline was created for doing a shirt-themed Visiting Teaching Workshop. I wasn’t there (I got the script from my mother-in-law), but I assume they invited sisters to read each of the parts while wearing the correct shirt or carry the prop referenced in the reader’s theater.

Relief Society Shirt Skit

We can continue to fulfill the noble purposes of Relief Society in our day. We are now going to have a parade of shirts by some of our sisters. We “Shirtly” must have dedicated Relief Society sisters to fulfill the noble purposes of Relief Society.

[Your Ward/Branch Name Here] sisters know how to “in-vest” their time in helping and serving others.

Relief Society sisters “iron” out difficulties and find solutions to today’s problems.

We use “team” work and “tackle” our problems with enthusiasm. They are always “good sports”.

In Relief Society, we can’t have any “stuffed shirts”. We all need to laugh and use a little humor as we enjoy each other.

We need to be close “knit” with all our sisters. We can all learn to “stretch” our imaginations.

Sometimes in Relief Society we need to be “bold” in offering help and in reaching out to help each others.

Hopefully we can let our hearts be “oversized” with love.

We try to “halter” negative thoughts and attitudes. We try to positive and “uplifting”.

Sometimes in Relief Society we need to take his “yoke” upon us because with God, all things are possible.

Our Relief Society teachers avoid “patchy” preparation. They study and pray to teach with the spirit.

As sisters in the [Your Ward Name Here] we “tie” to love and serve each other.

Relief Society can fit us to a “T” if we “stretch” our abilities and do our part.

Remember Relief Society is fun! It’s no “sweat”!

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