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Visiting Teaching (Workshop) song duet

Words(for both melodies) go to the Primary Song, “A Child’s Prayer
The song is sung by one group as those who are visit taught and the other group as the visiting teachers, singing both in unison and then together with the melody and counter melody.(just like how the children’s song is done). When a group of sisters sang this for our VT conf. in both parts, it was really powerful!

Visiting Teachers, I’m so glad you’re here,

Bringing His loving message to my listening ear

Helping to strengthen when I am weak

Finding the warmth that I so dearly seek

It doesn’t take much, just a friendly call

Scatter your sunshine in my heart, and over all

I am so grateful to God above

For when you show you care I feel His love!


Call, we are there, talk we are listening

You are His child, and we are your sisters

Whether we call or come for a visit

We bring His love, the Spirit of Heav’n

enjoy!–Sandy Cane

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