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Value Trail Mix- refreshments for New Begginings

Our theme we chose was keep your values with you along the path of life. We decided to have them make their own trail mix. We called it Value mix and made our own labels which we put on clear plastic baggies. Each bowl was lined with tissue paper of the appropriate value color and then the bowl was filled with one of the trail mix ingredients. Beside each bowl we placed signs that tied each ingredient to the value it represented. We made wooden stands for each sign and placed them next to the bowls with value colored ribbon tied to the base of each sign.We even made scoops with the name of each value which we placed in each bowl. At the end of our program we introduced our “value mix” and told the girls that keeping their values with them no matter where they go will help them reach the ultimate goal of the temple.

The girls thought it was fun to make their own trail mix and it made clean up easy because everyone took there refreshments home with them!

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