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Gospel Treasure Hunt

When all the youth arrive have them put their touches on a table to be used later.
Tell the youth that you have hidden treasures around the building and that they will be allowed to look for them (he building and grounds MUST be as dark as possible) and that they have 15 minutes to do so. When the 15 minutes are up sound a whistle or a horn to call them in, see how many they have.
2 Ask them what is needed to help you stay close to the Gospel and to get eternal life; TESTIMONY
Give them their touches and tell them that this is their testimony and send them out again for 15 minutes.
3 When they come back see how many ‘treasures
‘ they have(should not be to many if you have hidden them right) Point out that besides a testimony they will need something else to help them get ‘Eternal Life’, ask them what (scriptures or the map)
4 Send them out again and after 15 minutes call them back and see how meny ‘tresures’ they have
5 There are usually 2 or 3 that they missed. At this piont ask the youth what else they need to help them get Eternal Life. ( Leaders, Parents) Take the youth around in a group and show them were the remainer of the tresures are.
6 Point out that when they have the tresures of ‘Eternal Life’ what should we do with it ( share it)Bring out 2 or 3 big plates and put all the ‘tresures’ on them. Point out that this is there reward.

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