Whispers from the Dust- a play -women from the book of mormon

The script and play are a step back in time to hear from the voices of the women in the book of mormon. We often concentrate on the men and forget that women were around. We had a narrator read the script and one by one different women…Lehi’s wife sang and talked about her humerous journey into the wilderness singing….ARE WE THERE YET..LEHI DEAR. We also had spritual tales of the women at Christ visit to the America’s. Queen Lamoni and Abish sing together. Then we have another humerous number about women and how even back then they worried about their children’s mistakes …. girls loving anything in armor, having to wear the coolest buckskins, and doing things unlawful…but turns spiriual again when they sing .but when you have a child turn away from the truth all a mother can do is pray. One more humorous one is about the 3 nephite who asked to stay until Christ comes…we show their wives singing….THEY SHOULD HAVE ASKED US FIRST…this play was beautifully written. You will have everything you need even a copy of the original women putting in on on video. We practiced 3 times a week for a month or so. Each women would set up their own time with our piano player for individual songs. If you had more time, I would say 2 times a month for 3-4 months. They have a cd of the music too. This helps the women practice. We have had raves about it. Everyone that has done this play has had the same remarks.

**** Don’t contact Jenny Smith for information on this script. email for more information. ***

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