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Modesty Activity

I specifically chose actresses that are near the age of our girls, role models that they may idolize. I then went on line and found paper dolls with clothing that was not modest. At the meeting we gave the girls the paperdolls that we had collected and after a short lesson on modesty asked them to take the immodest clothing and make it modest. We were amazed at their creativity in converting store purchased clothing into modest clothing. We then discussed ways they could purchase clothing at the store and by using a few simple solutions convert them into stylish modest clothing. We also had each girl come with a swim suit under their clothing. We took photographs of each girl in their swim suits.
During the week we printed the pictures of the girls and attached them to the magnetic sheets. At the next meeting we gave each girl the doll of her and had them design clothing for their paperdoll. We attached magnetic material to the back of the clothing and they each went home with a Refrigerator magnet of themselves and the clothing they created.
The girls really enjoyed this activity and most continue to create new clothing for their dolls.

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