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The Wizard of Ahhs

This was a short play to help the sisters to understand how important organization in all things in our lives. That we just can’t cover up cluttered or unorganized surroundings with pretty things and feel the spirit in our homes.



Characters: Dorothy, Wicked Witch, Glenda, Wizard, a munchkin.

Dorothy comes in holding a teddy bear and twirling as if she’s in a whirl wind.

Dorothy: Oh my! Oh my! Teddy, I don’t think we’re in heaven anymore. (She walks around and looks at everything very carefully and looks a little bewildered confused and scared) Everything is so dis-organized here. How will we ever know where we are and where we are going? How will we ever get back home? (Dorothy walks to an audience member) Where am I and what is this kind of place?

Munchkin 1: (Your town name)

Munchkin 2: Mortality

Munchkin 3: We welcome you to Chaos-land!!

Dorothy: I thank you very much but I don’t belong here I just want to go home. Can anyone tell me the way to go home?

Enter the Wicked witch acting all witch like. She looks menacingly at all the audience taking her time to walk around before ending up by Dorothy.

Witch:: Well my pretty, I see you’ve made it here. What a world, what a world. Things will be very different here for you and your little bear.

Dorothy: What do you want? Who are you?

Witch: Why I’m your friend some people call me Tima Wasted, some call me Miss Couragement, and to a few I’m known as Ivy Givenup.

Dorothy: Well, could you help me to find my way home to heaven? I miss it so and I’d really like to go home. Things are such a mess here.

Witch: Oh, you’ll get use to it here. Things may look a little out of place and chaotic now but before long you’ll adjust. Here I’ll give you these ruby slippers to help you. They can make you forget about what your missing and help you to see clearly that what I have here is more wonderful. ( while she says this she is wringing her hands in a diabolical way) And I promise they will even get you home…… eventually!

Dorothy: Well…all right. They are beautiful and I do like pretty things.

Enters Glenda the good witch . She looks lovingly upon the audience members and greets several with a tap of her wand.

Dorothy: Why, who are you? And where did you come from?

Glenda: Oh ho ho ho, Why I came from over the rainbow and some call me Para Dice but you can call me Peace. My dear sisters told me that there was someone here that was in need of help. So here I am and there you are.

Dorothy: I don’t know how I got here but I just want to go home. Can you help me to go home?

Glenda: (kindly) Oh no. Don’t you see everyone must come here and everyone must find their way back home themselves.

Witch: (To Glenda) Why if it isn’t Peace…. Why are you here? You’re not wanted or needed? Can’t you see I’ve already helped this girl and her little teddy. They don’t need you.

Dorothy: Yes, she gave me these beautiful ruby slippers to make me forget so that I can be comfortable here. I’m sure they’ll help me to organize my world. I love pretty things.

Glenda: I see. They are beautiful but they won’t help you or get you home, they will only distract you and they won’t help you organize your world, only you can do that. She knows how powerful these shoes are to help you forget about your home or she wouldn’t have given them to you. But my dear you already have the power within you to make this a beautiful home here among all this chaos. But you need a little help. Come with me and I’ll show you.

Witch: Why can’t you mind your own business. I found her first. She’ll be happier here with me.

Glenda: Be gone! You have no real power here. Be gone!

Witch: I be watching you. You’ll come back and I’ll get you my pretty!

Witch leaves in a very theatrical way

Dorothy: My! Things are very different here.

Glenda: (laughs)

Dorothy: What kind of help is there for me and who is it that can help me.

Glenda: Oh no, no, no, But there is one more powerful than I and he once said Behold, mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion.(Doctrine and Covenants | Section 132:8)

Dorothy: Please take me to him. Help me find him so that I can have my home back.

Glenda: There is a road leading to him and you must follow it like many have before you. There will be many to help you on your way. His house here is organized, we just have to look for it. Relief Society is where we can start. It was organize long ago for the purpose of helping all women to make our homes and all around them beautiful. But like these ruby slippers don’t be confused by the world about what beauty is. Beauty is peace, love and organization in all things.

Dorothy: So when can I start? And where do I start? And how do I start?

Glenda: Just follow your heart. For ye are on the paths of righteousness; ye are on the path which leads to the kingdom of God; yea, ye are making his paths straight (Book of Mormon | Alma 7:19) But lets go see the Wizard first.

Dorothy: The Wizard? What can he do.

Glenda: Oh no my dear, He can help you learn to be organized by giving you some ideas. It is still up to you. Be prayerful, watchful and guard your home fiercely against the ideas and standards of the world. Now, off we go just follow the road.

Dorothy: There’s no place like home.

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