Memorize “The Living Christ”

Kick off the challenge by having each leader memorize a paragraph of “The Living Christ.”

Each leader recites her memorized paragraph.

After this the YW president will give the challenge of following the prophet’s counsel to have spiritual experiences, to know our Savior through study, and to be a light unto others. Memorizing “The Living Christ” will fulfill all of these desires and many more. This looks overwhelming but WILL BE WORTH THE EFFORT. By staying on track (one paragraph per week) all will be done before you know it.

Ask, “Who will take this challenge with me?”

Bear your testimony the this document is “The Testimony of the Apostles” that will become a part of their testimony as well.

Pass out the booklets for each young woman and any who would like to also take the challenge.

We needed to print off many more booklets than we did for the many mothers that wanted to take the challenge with their dughters.

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