Balloon Pop Game

Bring large balloons and blow them up.

Tie string to them (about 2 ½ feet long) and then tie the other end around your ankle. Each person playing does this.

1st game:

Two people stand in a circle (approximately a 15 foot circle) if you step out of the circle, you are disqualified.

Object: to pop each others balloon by stomping on it. Only your feet are allowed to pop the balloon. The first one to pop the other persons balloon is the winner.
Remember…. NO hands!

Eventually, all winners eliminate each other. The winner can win a prize (if you choose to have prizes).

2nd Game:

Everyone is to participate with a balloon tied to their ankles.. this time it’s an all out war (be sure they don’t run all over the gym, make it so that they have to stay within a particular area, or else the game will take too long).

One way to make this game more interesting is to put a piece of folded paper in each balloon and write a prize on it… some will be blank, while some will list a prize, ya just don’t know. What I did was tell them that a few had money in them. I put a few one dollar bills in them, and one five dollar bill. One had a certificate at Baskin Robbins Ice Cream… or McDonalds etc… think of something else if you don’t want to use money.

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