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America’s Top MODEST Model

…for our New Beginnings we are going to do America’s Next Top Modest Model” Theme for ours. Since we will probably have 7 girls- we will give each of them a value that will be their model name. Like one girl will be Faith. (Cheesy I know) We’re going to make a powerpoint slide show thing with pictures we’re going to take at the next months activities (Mostly geared towards modesty and beauty.) For each “Model” we will tell about her and what her interests are and how it relates to her value. Like Faith will be interested in praying, doing activities that test and improver her faith in her every day life. So we’ll introduce the values that way but it gets the girls involved and it’s still light and fun.

“But we will have a modest fashion show where they will wear skirts we’re making at an upcoming activity and as each girl comes out we will tell about them and their real life interests. We will also have a judges panel that will rate the girls as they come down the runway- (everyone will get all 10’s)

“We will also have the new beehives come in and introduce them at the end of the fashion show as new up and coming models.

“We are going to have minimal decorations except a poster paper runway down the middle of the isle and a podium for speeches and black and gold balloons to make it look like an awards night or something.

“We’re also going to introduce the theme and focus on how modesty is a virtue that helps you make it to the temple and back to heaven…”

Source: YW forum post

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