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Journey Through the Scriptures

We did this as a Primary Activity Day. We wanted the children to feel a stonger connection to the scriptures, and to get to know some of the scripture heros, therein. We had the children come dressed in Biblical, Book of Mormon attire. We seperated them into four groups, and set out to journey through the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the New and Old Testaments. At each destination they met a person from one of the books, where they learned about them, and then played a game that had to do with that person. For the Book of Mormon they met Samuel the Lamanite, and played a game where a miniature picture of Samuel was drawn, and placed in a clear container, where the children were encouraged to throw bean bags at him, as the Nephites threw the rocks, but could not hit him because the Lord had protected him. From the Doctrine and Covenants the children met Joseph Smith, and played Stick pull. The New Testament they met Mary Magdelene, and listened to a song from Women at the Well CD, and then played a game with Dominos, to see who could race the fastest to tell the apostles that Jesus had risen. From the Old Testament they met Joseph and the coat of many colors, where they got to make their own coats of many colors from a paper grocery bag. At the end they all journeyed back to the primary room to eat some of the harvest that Joseph had stored away for the seven years of famine. (rice krispies treats, with juice boxes.) The Holy Ghost was felt, and all had a very enjoyable time.

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