Need at least 5 or 6 people playing but the more the better. No maximum amount.
This game is just like the popular game telephone, except on paper. Everyone playing sits in a circle and at the top of their paper writes a sentance. Sentances can be anything they want it to be except no color words. It should also include something that a person can draw. They can vary from “I love pie” to “Pirates slow dance at midnight in a hot tub”.
After everyone has their sentance written they pass it to the person to their right. That person then has to draw a picture of that sentance. When everyone is done drawing they fold the sentance over so that the only thing showing is their picture. Then everyone passes their paper to the right again. Now that person has to write a sentance about the picture they see without looking at the first sentance. Then the first picture gets folded over and the next person draws a picture of the second sentance.
The game can end whenever you want it to. The last thing has to be a sentance for it to work. We would end it when most of the papers had run out of space. It’s a good idea to write and draw small so it can go through more rotations. When you’ve decided to stop the game, everyone opens the paper they have right then and going in a circle reads what the original sentance was and what the new sentance is. Some of them will change a lot and others won’t. We had one that went from “Toads pee a lot” to “Time is Money”. It’s fun to then look at how some of them changed.

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