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The Decadent Valentine Party

The party is for the RS sisters to just enjoy each other’s company, but we did include a service activity also. The party had two parts. Part one we met at the church. We carpooled over to our local assisted living facility. The enrichment leader had met with the facility’s activity director weeks before and arranged the day, time, etc. for our group to be there. We brought along little valentine goody bags (dollar stores have really cute and INEXPENSIVE ones), one for each resident. The bags contained some valentine candy, homemade cookies, and a valentine card. (The enrichment leader needs to ascertain how many diabetic residents there are in the facility so that diabetic candy and cookies are given to the appropriate persons.) To differentiate the bags easily, we tied the nondiabetics’ bags with a blue ribbon, and the diabetics’ bags with a yellow ribbon.
We arrived at the facility during the residents evening meal. Upon arrival we introduced ourselves to the group, passed out our valentine bags, and began a music program of love songs and general songs that were popular during the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. One of our more talented sisters sang a beautiful love song solo. We sang and invited the residents to sing along too. Many of them did and laughed as the old tunes triggered old memories. The residents loved it! We were even invited back for other events. After we had done our good deed we headed back to the church for part two of the party. In the invitation was a request for each sister to bring to the party a sample of the most DECADENT dessert each sister had ever eaten. Some made the dessert. Some brought a store or bakery item. It was the most delicious group of sugars we ever ate. During the eating of the desserts, each sister who wanted to then told of how she met her husband or a funny story about dating her husband. Some of the stories were touching, some were funny, and a couple were downright hilarious. We all left that party with a warm feeling from bringing happiness to our senior residents at the home, and from the laughter and fellowship with our sisters.

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