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Napkin Wedding Dresses

We had a leader discuss Temple marriage with the YW. She mentioned why it is important, etc and then we discussed wedding dresses and what they need to be modest and temple worthy. Then the YW were divided into three even groups and given all of their napkins and tape and sent to a separate room. The young women were then given half an hour to make a Temple worthy modest dress out of the napkins. This was done by taping the napkins together and then onto a girl or just by taping the napkins on – depending on the dress style. Sleves and a train or not were the biggest challenge – but the solutions were quite creative. Then the three models went in the hallway and we made a runway and the models had to come in a show their teams dress. Each dress was so different it was amazing. The girls had a great time. Lots of laughter at each other’s styles and methods of making a dress. One leader even brought fake flowers/bouquet tied with ribbon for each model to carry down the aisle. It was a successful activity that required the YW to work together, be creative, remember their values and have fun.

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