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Flip Flop Night

Everyone shows up wearing flip flops and we play a couple of games.

game #1 This is a matching game with flip flops made out of paper. The girls divide into teams and choose a flip flop to turn over and reveal a person’s name or a situation where integrity was shown. They need to match up the person with the situation. (such as Daniel refusing to eat meat or Esther standing up for her people, parents of the stipling warriors, etc.)

game #2 Flip flops are passed around and each YW is asked to choose one and sit down. We take turns reading the situation that has been taped on to the bottom of the flip flops. Each situation is a time or place where your integrity may be challenged and the YW is asked, What would you do? Some examples are; you are invited on a date three weeks before you turn 16 , you are at a party hosted by LDS friends and the PG-13 movie has a lot of bad language, etc. After the YW responds the “leader” says something like; “she is right, even when we are tempted to flip flop on our values we need to show our integrity” or “we should never flip flop our values”.

There was a short spirtual thought given about the importance of not flip floping and showing integrity.

Each girl was given a full sheet handout in the style of a Mormon Ad that said; “Don’t Flip Flop on your Values” over a picture of flip flops. At the bottome was “I will have the moral courage to make my actions consistent with my knowledge of right and wrong”

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