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Breaking the Chains of Sin

Prepare ahead the 3×5 cards or printed papers cut to whatever size you disire by attaching the chains with the brads to the papers. Read the story I have listed above and have the scripture references ready.

I started off (after prayer of course 🙂 by asking the family what kinds of sin weigh us down and make us sad. They responed with the usual drinking, lying, stealing etc…
I then read the story in the Ensign (see above) putting emphasis on the spirital captivity Elder Workman talks about and we read the scripture references in the story.
I then asked the kids again what other kinds of sins weigh us down and as they answered I put one link on the action figure until 6 or more links were on.
This time the kids used (along with the pre-mentioned sins)the spiritual captivity sins such as caring too much about cool clothes, watching too many sports, etc…
I showed them how all these sins can weigh us down and give us a hard load to carry. I then bore my testimony about how free we can be by shaking off the chains of sin and living as Christ would have us live as I took the chains off the action figure.
I then passed out a paper with the chain attached to it. Each member took a few minutes to write on their ‘chained paper’ what sins they could repent of to free them of spiritual bondage.
We closed with prayer.

It was a fun way to show the little ones (and the teenagers too!) how easy it is to get weighed down 🙂

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