Family History Mother/Daughter Party

we had a “mixer” game where we had the girls bring a current picture of themselves and a picture of their mom at the same age the girl is now. The pictures were mounte onto construction paper with numbers on them, then pinned to a bulletin board. Each girl and mother was given a paper with a list of the girl’s names and on one side of each name they put the number of the picture they thought was the girl and on the other side, they put the number of the picture they thought was the mom.
Then we talked a little about the importance of family history and how the Bible and Book of Mormon were really a type of family history. Then we read Ezekiel 37:14-19 and talked about how Histories were written on scrolls and that scripture talks about the stick of Juda and the stick of Joseph, and explained the meaning of the sticks. Then we had the girls and their moms make a “stick” or “Family history scroll” for each girl. You can find the explanation of this activity at Go to Primary and type in “Family History Scroll”.
After that we served lunch and while we were eating, each girl told a story she heard from her grandma about something that happened in her childhood and each mom told a story about her grandma so the girls would get to know something about their great-grandmother. We played another name where you have little slips of paper with words like, Pedigree chart, kindred dead, write letters, journal, etc. typed on them and the moms and girls draw a word out of a bowl and tell what they think the word has to do with Family History and what they could do this following week to get started with their family history by using this word. You can find this game in the February, 2002 Friend.

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