Going into the Summer

Howdy! I’m now two days into having sleep, not having to rise during the middle of the night to prep for seminary. It is a refreshing feeling. :0)

Teaching seminary is such a blessing and privilege, yet it does require great effort, which somedays can be akin to climbing a mountain side. So it is a blessing to be able finally to have some respite.

If you are in the final stretch, it can be full of poignant moments. Enjoy the “view”, for what a wonderful thing it is. And all too soon it ends.

I will be taking a break for a bit from posting to the blog as I begin to focus on prep for the next school year. But I won’t be stopping in many ways from creating forms to help my students (and perhaps yours).

I will be working on a *summer challenge and intro letter* to send to my seminary students for next year, complete with a treat offered for those who arrive the first day of seminary with the Joseph Smith History scripture mastery memorized! Once I have that form and letter created, I will be posting/uploading it to the Seminary Class Notes group. I will let you know as soon as I’ve uploaded it!

That particular scripture mastery verse is quite a bear. Imagine what it does for a kid, though, to be able to arrive the first day of class with it already under their belt! Let alone, what it can do for their minds during the summer to be working on it. So I will be posting at the Yahoo list a few training materials to help the kids accomplish this over the summer. And as always, you’re welcome to try it!

There will be other things I will be working on this summer so make sure to check the blog at least once a week to stay tuned! That, or you can sign up for the *free* Seminary Class Notes Newsletter, which comes out monthly. May’s will be delivered this weekend! Simply join by visiting here.

Until the next post next week!


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