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Princess Themed Girls’ Camp

HEAVENLY EVER AFTER (princess theme) – emphasized temple marriage and
temple blessings. Lots of fun ideas with princesses. (even had a Royal Ball)

Make signs for the camp such as “In Camp-a-lot You’re Loved-a-lot” – a play on the word “Camelot”.

Our Stake is using the Princess Theme for camp this year. Each ward is assigned a different Disney Princess, ours is Sleeping Beauty. Our camp director asked me to think of a bunch of craft ideas the YW could do at camp relating to the Princess/Sleeping Beauty theme. I know Sleeping Beauty’s name is Rose and she pricked her finger on a Spinning wheel. I think a prince came along and kissed her to wake her up.

I have thought of a few things like a Dream Catcher & making beauty products (lip balm/gloss, body cream, bath salts etc).

Sleeping Beauty was also called Aurora by her parents. The three fairies called her Briar Rose when they were hiding her in the forest. You could do something with the sunrise, etc. along with the other things that you have planned.

Each ward/age group and camp area has a unique name Dragon Hearts, Knights of the Brown Table, Sir Dance-a-Lot Castle, Merlin’s Magicians, and Dragon Slayers. Stake Camp is The Royal Court and they camp at Our Royal Home Or use values and colors to make the camp group names (Kingdoms): Knowledge are the Know-a-lots, Individual Worth are Worth-a-Lots, etc. The young omen are all princesses, they stay at castles, fight evil dragons influences of Satan), are entertained by Jesters (our YCLs of course), etc.

We have designated all areas of camp with Renaissance type names: Flag is in the Royal Courtyard, Sports is in the Jousting Arena, Fires are taught at The Spit, Personal Progress Class is named “Princess Power 101,” even the bathrooms are The Throne Rooms, etc (You could use that Book of Mormon Scripture on the doors “Can you think to sit on your thrones in a state of thoughtless stupor” Alma 60:7 -Jenny). We will have Royal Criers who will present the Proclamation of the Day, taken from the Proclamation on the Family.

We’ve also made neat little wooden swords (about 12″ long) with the values
stenciled on them (one value per sword) tied with ribbons in the corresponding color, which we will present to each of the girls in a “knighting ceremony” of sorts: “Take this sword of knowledge (or individual worth, or faith, or whatever value) and go forth and conquer the dragons throughout your life” –something along that order.

In Arts and Crafts (“The Gallery”), the girls will be making crowns with florist wire, little flowers and lots of ribbons. They are so pretty. They can wear them at camp, and then there is a little sign about being of royal birth that they can attach to their tiaras and hang them on their walls at home.

You could make Lady-in-Waiting hats (Personal Progress talk–while you’re waiting work on personal Progress); or the woman preparing for eternal marriage.

Our YW Camp did something like this a few years ago. I wasn’t there, but my daughter brought home the cutest “lady in waiting” hat that was simple and inexpensive to make. 1/8th of a yard of satin fabric could make 2 hats. The Satin could be purchased in the Value colors. Since some fabric stores don’t cut 1/8th right at 4.5 inches, I like to cut the fabric down to 4″ even. (it makes a better size band) Cut it in half along the fold so that you have 2 long pieces. With right sides together, sew along the long side to create a long tube. Turn inside out. Stuff with batting. When you sew each end closed (by turning in about 1/4″ and stitching along the edge), insert the end of about 6 inches of 1/4″ elastic so that you form a circle. This will fit on the girls’ head. (You may need to measure to be sure 6 inches of elastic will make it fit around the girls’ heads. If you think it will be too small, you may only be able to get one hat per 1/8 yard of fabric and make them longer than 22″.) Then, buy 1 yard of tulle (it’s very fine netting) in the same color as the satin, and cut in half lengthwise. Fold it in half over the elastic so that both ends are even at the end. Bunch it up over the elastic so it will cover it somewhat. Then sew it down just under the elastic, so it will stay on. You may wind some gold or silver string, cording or ribbon, etc. around the circular band to make it prettier. (Our Stake used that lace with silver in it that is very inexpensive, but I found some gold cord at Wal-Mart that was cheap and much prettier) So, you wear the satin band around your head and the netting hangs down in the back, if you can picture that. It was very cute and the girls loved them! When I made some for dress-up they cost me about $1.25 to make, but I used some more expensive cording that matched my satin and had gold running through it and got 2 hats out of 1/8th yard of fabric.

Stories, Plays, or Poems to enjoy

Bedtime Story -(Starring the Three Princesses)–easily turns into a skit with narrator

The Princess and the Pea–she couldn’t sleep with even one thing wrong. We should live our lives that way–don’t go to sleep with any sin or grudge on our consciences

We hope to impress upon our young women just how special they are and the royal birthright that is there–in a fun way. We plan to touch on our eternal family that started in the pre-existence, our present earthly families, and preparation for our future families.

We will start out with “Charm School” where they will get a charm for their camp necklace before breaking into the Princess Power 101 classes.

It would be fun to “Knight” the girls and give them a “Knight Shirt”.

We thought it would be fun to have a “sword in a stone” and as the girls realize their Divine Nature they will be able to pull the sword out of the stone. We are going to use a plastic sword in a paper Mache stone and rig it so it won’t come out of the stone with a pin until they realize their divine nature.

Have adult and youth leaders adopt “personas” during the camp. They can even dress the part at some point of the camp week. Someone (camp director and assistant) should be the Brothers Grim (did I spell that right?) If you work on stargazing or astronomy–the teacher should be the Blue Fairy. Don’t forget Fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather. Anyone giving any lesson on plants, animals, or even meteorology? (lol)

I would look at the politically correct “Once Upon a More Enlightened Time”–it may give you a few ideas. You could have a contest where you give
short descriptions of fairy tales that are “rewritten” in the politically
correct vein. Points to those that guess right. Or you could just rewrite
the titles: Wooden Liar=Pinocchio, Small Swine Trio=Three Little Pigs, etc. (There is actually a book about this called Pollitically Correct Bedtime Stories. I have it and it is HILARIOUS!!! It’d make for some fun skit ideas – Jenny)

Have different areas of the camp named after famous settings in fairy tales–Little Red Lane, Seven Hills Showers (Snow White–can’t remember the exact quote about where the Seven Dwarfs lived and worked), Sleeping Beauty’s Castle can be the sleeping location of whatever priesthood holder is assigned to stay the night and “watch” after the girls, Three Pig’s Restaurant (after all, didn’t they cook that wolf?), Cinderella’s Cafe, Tiger Lily’s Dance Hall, if you have a craft location it could be Geppetto’s Workshop. You could call the mess hall the “Gingerbread House” but that did not bode well for Hansel and Gretel. Have a sign outside the girls’ shower that says “Sorry, Magic Mirror temporarily out of order.”

You could have daily menu’s with items that refer to the stories: Wolf Stew, Woodcutter’s Bread, Cinderella’s Favorite Pumpkin Bread, Evil Stepmother’s Favorite Punch (or apple dessert), 7 Dwarf’s 7 layer nacho dip, etc.

You could work up some activity with the Magic Mirror–have each girl come
before it for some assignment, or have it at some common meeting place. “Magic Mirror on the wall, tonight which group of girls cleans up the mess hall?” Magic Mirror would then answer in rhyme.

Have each cabin or group’s name based on a story. Grannie’s Girls. The Red
Riders. The Steppin’ Sisters–they march or dance to each different location. Dragon Slayers. Star Wishers. Jolly Roger Swabbies. Let the YCL
pick the name and she can create decorations/activities based on the name.

Camelot last year, relatively the same thing. The one thing I have learned in my years at camp is… The girls are so much more touched by a camp that is positive. If you spend the week telling them they are wonderful, beautiful, divine daughters of God, queens and heirs to His Kingdom, they will blossom before your eyes. If you spend the week telling them all the things they shouldn’t do, all the reasons the world is terrible, what will happen to them if they follow the world and the adversary, they leave feeling depressed, guilty and overwhelmed with negativity. Once upon a time there was a King who had many beautiful daughters… It seems like a fairy tale, but it’s not, it’s real!! What a great theme!

There are also a lot of poems that go with a rose that you could use for your evening devotionals. One of them is the story about being thankful for the thorns.

Here are a couple of them:

This year OF ROYAL BIRTH this being around Daughters of Royal Birth. The scripture we’re using D&C 75:5. Crowned in glory. Lots of princess, dragons and royal ideas. We camp at a boy scout camp and use their facilities for our activities (rifle range, archery, boating and the Y.L. get to do C.O.P.E. I had six adults become certified instructors to make this happen. This has been a great success in bringing the older girls together. I also mix all the girls up by age instead of Wards.

Our theme is “Camp A-Lot” a spoof of Camelot. Each unit has been given an identity. We are Camp Be Grateful-a lot, with others ranging from Camp Be Involved-a lot, etc. I think you get the idea. We are supposing to decorate-kind of Renaissance and Medieval times.

Once Upon a Time……. (I’m the one who writes my own story, I decide
the person I’ll be….) Each cabin will have a different fairytale theme
such as …… Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, The Little Red Hen, etc…. They will decorate around their storybook, but will also need to come up with a scripture and spiritual take on their story.

Our camp is like the Marriott of all camps. We will focus on:

The Past (learning from our parents and their experiences)

Our Present (don’t always live for the next thing such as Oh I will be
happier when I am driving, oh I will be happier when I get married etc…..
I would also like to stress having Joy in the Journey. Making the most of
each day.)

The Future… (That our future will be focused on Christ and that we will
become the queen that we are destined to be.)

Compiled from posts made at the lds-youngwomenfiles Yahoo Group

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