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Young Women Missionary Program

Workshop 1 – Role of a Missionary:

We had I hope they call me on a mission playing on a CD in the background- here they watched the miss. video and we had our missionaries and ward mission leader talk about a missionary’s role.

Workshop 2 – Companionship Study:

We had tables set up for each comapnionship with there Book of Mormons and pass along cards and they each wrote their testimony in the Book of Mormon and then we helped them find scriptures to give to their in-active friends and friends of other faiths (we had music playing in the background softly and we asked them just to talk to their companion in a quite voice).

Workshop 3 – We Will Prepare Ourselves Spiritually:

We had the YW sit around a table together and make arts and crafts for the people they were assigned. Each group got a tote bag and painted on it and put all of their items in it to take home. We as a presidency had refreshments for the yw as they worked on their arts and crafts. We will have the yw report to our presidency once a month on their progress with member missionary work.

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