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Service Project~for less active members

We made “School Survival Kits” for all of our less active girls (5 out of 6 are less active in our ward) and took them over to them. Included was a welcome letter from me sharing my testimony of the young women’s program and how I feel about working with each of these girls, an invitation to an upcoming “Get-to-know-you-party,” a list of 10 reasons to come to young women’s, a couple bookmarks, and the above list which were all made into magnets to decorate their lockers with. The following was also included:

Back to school kit:
(We made these little magnets so you can decorate your locker and always remember the following:)
* The cotton ball is to remind you of kind words and warm feelings.
* The eraser is so you’ll know that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s okay.
* The blank (sticky) notes are to remind you to start each day with a clean slate.
* The tape is to remind you that friends stick together.
* The candle is to help you remember that you are a light in someones life.
* The chewing gum is to remind you to always “chews” the right.
* The sponge is to help you to soak up knowledge.
* The band aid is to comfort you when you’re hurt.
* The rubber bands are to remind you to be flexible in life.
* The penny is to write your wrongs.
* The battery is so you can keep going and going and going.
* The clothes pin is to remind you to hang in there.
* The lollipop is to help you lick away all your problems.
* The paper clip is to help you keep everything together.
* The eye balls are to help you keep your eyes on your goals.

We also included a word search about school a couple things the missionaries donated and some other clip art/quotes made into magnets/bookmarks from Then we stuffed everything into decorated brown gift bags.

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