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Modesty Fashion Show

Drive to a thrift store and divide your girls up into groups. Give them a set amount of time and a set amount of money. (We gave the groups 20 minutes and $15 each from the budget) We told the groups that they needed to find a modest outfit that they would want to wear, keeping track of their money spent. The tax and everything needed to be within the $15. Some groups were able to find a skirt, top, shoes, purse, and jewelry all within their budget. Some of the girls were surprised what cute clothes they could find. It is best to buy each groups things separately to keep track of what each group spent.

Afer purchasing the clothes, we went back to the church building. One girl from the group was the model, one girl the announcer as the model showed off the outfit, and one girl explained the cost. The outfits were darling and the girls quite creative in there discriptions of the outfits.
Afer each group was done, we had a discussion. I asked them several questions such as, why is it important to dress modestly? Why is it important to be thrifty? What is the benefit now and in your future of being thrifty? I was really pleased with the answers the girls gave. It was far better to have them give their own ideas, (with some of my thoughts now and then) than sitting listening to me lecture.

At the end of the evening, the girls divided up the outfits and took them home.

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