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A Branch’s Pioneer Day Activity

We had a wonderful pioneer branch party out here at
our ranch.

I put old fruit jars on the tables and put wild flowers in them. I put mainly sunflowers in them.

My hubby dutch ovened chicken and potatoes….oh it was so good. Texans are known for the BBQ but not many had done dutch oven. We also cooked corn on the cob in a big ole pot. Members brought side dishes like beans, rolls, salads, watermelon, etc.

We had a pie baking contest and 12 people entered that.

We had judges and the picked three top pies. My hubby
even baked his famous apple pie. He got third place.

The primary kids churned butter and made candles. They even got a taste of washing clothes in buckets…they didn’t like that as well! *Ãœ* Some fished and rode in the canoes.

We had a great time and a great turn out. I think this will be a tradition for our branch. We were mighty tired the next day, but it was all worth it.

Source: LDS HFPE Yahoo Group

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