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Back to School Mutual

I just wanted to share about our activity last night. Our girls started school this week and we wanted to do a Back to School Night. So my counselors and I decided to do mini-classes and change rooms throughout the building. That way our girls would stay a little more focused and listen rather then getting tired of sitting in the same seat.

Our mini-classes were Quick Study Tips, Organization and Standing as a Witness At All Times. I did the study tips class. I started by bringing books from my husband who is in college and some from when I was in college. I put in some music that had a good beat and bass to it and pretended like I was going to start studying.

I would pick up a book and would say things like I’ve got to read THIS book by mid-terms?? You’ve got to be kidding me (I had picked a really thick book). What are the teachers trying to do to me? Kill me? (I’ve heard our girls say this a lot last school year.) Opened the book and started to read out loud but got caught up in the music and started to sing along with the music.

This went on for a few minutes until I put my head down in frustration and said I’m never going to get this. It’s too hard. I hate school.

I got up walked out and shut the door. I came back in and sat down. I put in a different cd that was just instrumental music – very soft and soothing (I actually used the Yanni cd that I would study to in college). I pulled out the books once more and said Hmm this looks like an interesting book. And I’ve got to read it by mid-terms. Might as well get started. And I would open the book and start reading. Then I put it down and spread all the school books out on the table and said which assignment is due first. Nope don’t like that subject so I’ll get it done first. That way I can save what I really like for the end.

I then ended my examples and asked the girls what they thought of the 2 scenes. They laughed at the first one. I said it was because they could relate to it. They giggled as if to agree. Then I gave them 6-7 quick tips on how to have good study habits. I got a few talks online that I pulled information from and then did a search for study tips.

We ended that class and went to the Standing as a Witness class. My counselor did a good job. She gave a story about how you have to be strong even when you’re the only one that is walking out, stopping an off colored joke, etc. She said that when you do that you’re standing as a witness. Not that those around will convert, get a stronger testimony or applaud you – but your Heavenly Father will know and reward you far beyond what man could do on earth. She also said that when you don’t stop that off colored joke (even if you don’t laugh) or something along those lines then you aren’t standing as a witness.

She asked if the girls had ever come into a situation where a teacher was telling wrong information about the church – whether it was discussing the pioneers or Joseph Smith, etc. The girls said no. She said well would you have the courage to raise your hand and correct the teach.

One of my girls said absolutely (which I believe she would) and all the other girls said no way – they would be too afraid. So that was a good teaching opportunity there for us.

The last class was Organization. We had a guest speaker come and talk to the girls. She talked about having organization in the girls’ bedroom and gave them some advice to help make their school year go better – less stressful. She said that if they would put their clothes out the night before, make their lunch (if they are taking a lunch), pull all their homework, books together and put it in their backpack. Then put their backpack by the door – they’ll save so much time.

After the classes, we had refreshements and ended mutual. For the refreshments, we made brown sack lunches. We put a fruit drink (100% juice), my counselor made some homemade “sandwiches” (they were cresent rolls stuffed with chicken and other things), we had dried apples from the food storage cannery that I had from my food storage. We used those in place of potato chips. Then I made rice krispe treats.

We talked about the importance of having a healthy lunch instead of going through the cafeteria line and getting fries and a coke or nachos. We talked about how much more energy they would have and to be creative in their lunches. A couple of the girls said they would rather stick with the nachos and fries, while a couple others said that they would definitely try new things for lunch to see if it would make a difference.

All in all the girls had a lot of fun and were able to walk away with new things for the school year.

Source: lds-youngwomen Yahoo Group

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