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Service List

New Member/Inactive Welcome – Have the youth make cookies or assemble treat bags to take around to new members of your ward/branch or to inactive members of their class.

Park/Neighborhood Cleanup: Contact your city or community tpark commission or recreational directors to find out what locations can use your donated labor. You can also clean out drains or ditches in your neighborhood in a safe location, and with permission from property owners.
Creative Service: Write and produce a play to perform at a unit activity, nursing home, or at a priesthood leader’s, inactive member’s, ill friend’s, or shut-in’s house.

Missionary Night: Invite your local missionaries to come to mutual and speak on missionary work in your area. Focus on ways that our Youth can be missionaries now. Write letters to a missionary from your unit, or write thank you notes to your stake or full-time missionaries, or write your testimony in a Book of Mormon for placement with investigators.t

Humanitarian Service: Make or assemble humanitarian projects.

Free Car Wash: Have a service car wash in a safe area.

Member Reactivation: Visit an inactive class or quorum member, an elderly person, or someone shut in.

Adopt a grandma, grandpa, or disabled friend: Find out from the Relief Society President who in your unit might need some extra attention. “Adopt” them, regularly bringing gifts, sharing spritual thoughts, And treats.

Children’s Puppet Show: Make simple puppets to take to a children’s ward of a local hospital. Put on a puppet show of a favorite children’s story. Then let the children keep the puppets. (LDS Family Home Evening Resource Guide, p. 266)

Share Musical Talents: Prepare a musical program to take to a foster home, hospital, or nursing home. You could invite another quorum, class, or unit to join you. Your program could include vocal or instrumental solos, duets, trios, or quartets; and be sure to include some familiar sing-along tunes that your audience could join you in singing. (LDS Family Home Evening Resource Guide, p. 266) Print copies of any church music you need from the LDS Church’s Music site

The following service projects were performed at the 2005 BYU Women’s Conference. These might give you some new ideas for your Enrichment Night or Mutual service activities. I’ve put links to information on the internet that might help you plan such an event. The text on the Humanitarian kits is well-worded, and might help you in promote a humanitarian service project.

Greeting Cards
A picture is worth a thousand words–come create cards worth volumes! We will be creating cards for all occasions to be used throughout the community in a variety of situations. Your card may help to reopen the lines of communication in a home, find its way to a grieving mother, or be the instrument of thanks for a service rendered. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced creator, we need you! You can duplicate our samples or create your own design. We have supplies and kits for any skill level. Turn a beloved hobby into a heartfelt act of service.

Try these simple card patterns from Scroll down the page to the list of “Greeting Cards to Make and Send”.

Children’s Busy Bags
Be a part of the fun of putting together activity kits that will keep a child entertained for a few hours. Filled with thought-provoking and fun activities, these kits will be a treasured gift to the children who receive them. Imagine the thrill of a homeless child with nothing he can call his own being given his very own packet of games and toys. After hours on end spent at a hospital bedside, think of the excitement of the sibling of a sick child when he’s given something to do. We have a variety of parts to put together for these fun kits. Come help give a smile to a child in need.

Some busy bag ideas and a busy bag kit from Women’s Conference (has games in Spanish!) – Click on the I Spy Bags link. Busy bags usually contain toys, puzzles, and games related to a theme like animals or food. Good items to include in an all-purpose busy bag are crayons, coloring books, construction paper, pencils, flash cards or pictures (hooked together with a ring), or stickers.

Nonprofit Packet Assembly
Come join in the collation, assembly, and completion of various packets and mailings for several charitable agencies in the community. There’s no need to be crafty for this upbeat project–prerequisites require only a willingness to join in an assembly line and fold, cut, stuff, or compile. Be part of the fun as several different projects will be completed. Lend your hands to these agencies that exist to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Fleece Blankets
Let’s get ready to snuggle! Help us cut out and tie fleece blankets for troubled youth. These fluffy blankets are cozy and comforting. They’ll be given to young people who need a warm hug and lots of love. This is a fun project for those who love the feel of fleece and those who love to serve and help the youth! Here are some instructions and photos for making no sew fleece blankets.

Humanitarian Center Hygiene Kits
With the memory of the many recent worldwide tragedies still in mind, we understand the need for hygiene kits that will bring immediate comfort and hope to those in distress. A comb, a bar of soap, and a toothbrush may seem insignificant … until you have nothing. Come join our army of sisters as we offer our hearts and hands to the Church Humanitarian Center’s effort to bless the world. Instructions for hygeine kits.

Humanitarian Center Newborn Kits
Somewhere a newborn baby is waiting for diapers, pins, and a small blanket to be wrapped in. Somewhere there is a mother who longs for the simplest comforts for her beloved child. Join us as we assemble newborn kits for the Church Humanitarian Center to fill the tiny needs of infants throughout the world. Instructions for newborn kits.

Humanitarian Center School Kits
Once again, the force of working hands and willing hearts will bless the nations of the world. Come join us as we assemble school kits. Many students throughout the world are not allowed to attend school without their own supplies. These kits will be sent to children all over the world who will delight in knowing that they have the tools to learn! school kits (Visit for a recent list of needed items. – Jenny).

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