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Multimedia Family Reunions Lesson

An older sister in our unit was asked to do a family reunions lesson — she is a real go-getter, and with some help, learned how to scan photos and created a PowerPoint presentation for this lesson. She also brought in videos, photocopies, and craft samples from reunions her family has held.

Lots of preparation was done beforehand, including inviting sisters to talk about family reunions they’ve attended and to participate in demonstrating some reunion games.

Here are some of the ideas she presented during the lesson:


This sister suggested that family members meet together and choose a theme for a reunion. This theme determines the invitations, games, decorations, and maybe even the location used for the reunion. Here are some of her ideas:

Family Olympics
Christmas/Family Nativity
Thanksgiving/Family Thanksgiving Play
Big Bash/Caveman
Easter/Easter Egg Hunt
Pirates Cove
(Scroll down to read more information on these)

Reunion game ideas

(these were demonstrated during the lesson — she called people before hand to ask for their participation, and as a result, attendance was AWESOME):

See who can walk across a balance beam without falling off — blindfolded.

Family members collaborate to create Family Flags to hang on their tents, sleeping areas, or doors.

At a western themed reunion craft each person drew pictures of him- or herself and made Wanted posters.

At a luau themed reunion (held at a nearby lake), as people came in she pinned shapes (pineapple, palm tree, inner tube, sun) to their chests. People could be arranged into teams according to the shape(s) of their item, or by color.

The family members passed a bag filled with odd clothing items while music played. When the music stopped, whoever had the bag had to pull out whatever was in the bag and put it on.

Pirate’s Cove Family Reunion Idea

Burned on edges to look like a treasure map. (You can rub paper with a damp tea bag to make it look old, too — just don’t let your bishop see you buying it, lol 🙂 ! -jen )
Text: Well, shiver me timbers if it ain’t time for the _____ Family reunion. Would ye and ye mates come and join us a tthe pirates cove on _____ Yo-ho-ho, we’ll have a bundle of fun looking for treasure and drinking some rum. Aye maties, don’t miss the boat!

Decorations and Props:
Boat simile and mast on front of each family cabin
Signs for each game
Pirate flags
Eye patches
Pirate hats
Black and white checked tablecloths
Black cups, plates, and napkins

Activities and Games:
Walking plank blindfolded earned you an eye patch
Deocrating and putting names on pirate hats
Man Overboard
Obstacle Course — with Canon Ball Throw (see who can throw croquet balls farthest), Belaying Pin Throw (see who can throw partially filled one or two liter bottles farthest), Climb mast (set up a pole or tree with a pirate flag on top), Row the boat, Quick Sand Walk (racing through the sand box), and Island Hopping (race through course made of old tires spread out)
Pirates’ Garb Relay (two teams, one member races to a pile of pirates clothing inside a treasure chest, puts it on, closes the treasure chest, runs back, and the next team member races to the chest. The first team with everyone dressed wins)
Water Bucket Relay – See which team can pass a bucket of water the fastest and without spilling much water
Rum Drinking Contest – Homemade rootbeer in mugs
Doubloons Dig – LIttle children dig in sandbox for coins (you can also use sawdust from your local mill or farm store and put coins or treats in as treasure)
Treasure map – make a treasure map

Crackers and Jerky (snack)
Jolly Roger Sandwich (hoagie)
Swashbuckler Salad (your favorite salad)
Buckaneer Salad (another favorite salad)
Buried Treasures (jello fruit salad – this would also be a cute dirt desert)
Shiver me Timbers (knox blox)Pieces of Eight (gold foil wrapped chocolate coins)
Peg Legs (pretzels)
Blackbeard’s Beans (baked beans)
Captains Ale (your choice of beverage)
Pirates Booty (relish plate)
Smit’s Delight (variety of finger desserts)

Tons more Pirate Party ideas

Circus Reunion

Had a picture of a clown holding balloons with information about the reunion on the balloons
Text: We’ve Clowned around long enough! Come join us at the _____ family reunion!

Dart Board
Guess the number of beans in a jar
Pin the nose on the clown
Elephant Walk (race with water baloons between knees)
Big Ring Race (race with two people inside one hulahoop)
String Bean (race with multiple people holding a swim noodle between legs – hilarious to watch)

More circus ideas

Round-top Barbecue

Big Bash (Caveman Theme)

(The text for this invitation would make a cute hillbilly theme)
Had pictures of cavemen (especially those with clubs) from a coloring book
Text: There’s a BIG BASH brewing for the _____ Clan ‘n this if your official invite. So git yor sweetie ‘n all the younguns ‘n join yor cuzzins fer some right swell eatin’ (bring yor own vittles) ‘n reminiscin’, ‘n enjoyin’, ‘n all-round socializin’. Weez countin’ on havin’ ya with us… So, doncha go lettin’ us down.

Zoo Theme

Had cute pictures from a coloring book of zoo animals on it
Text: It’s time for the annual gathering a thte waterhold for the ______ troops!

nature walk
zoo visit
water balloons

Family Olympics

Text: In following the counsel to strive to lengthen our stride, we are proud to announce the 2001 _____ family olympics.
Training Schedule for all participants:
July 22 – run in place 10 seconds, two breaks permitted
23 – 3 1/2 jumping jacks
24 – touch toes (preferably your own)
25 – sit on floor and watch ___child’s name___ roll over
26 – jog past the refrigerator five times
27 – watch 5 minutes of aerobics on TV (check for any change in heart rate)
28 – stay alert in church (training for the mind is important too)
29 – practice deep breathing (not over the phone)
30 – save your strength for the olympics and think of all the fun going to be had by all
22 – run around the house 3 times
23 – jump up and down once
24 – touch your toes
25 – roll over and over on the floor
26 – run to your mom from your dad
27 – one minute of dancing to music
28 – jump over a string
29 – pay attention in church. no crying allowed.
30 – pick up all your toys to help you rmom get ready for the trip to the reunion.

Olympic Rules
Anyone who collapses will be disqualitied.
Noone will be allowed to boycott by non-participation

Luau Theme

LOTS of luau information and ideas here. Don’t forget to get your hawaiian name and popular Hawaiian phrases

Cowboy Theme

Family made t-shirts with the indian symbols for “leading to happiness”, “everlasting life”, and “warding off evil spirits” Here are some indian symbols and more indian symbols here and Some more native american symbols

Western Round up – has lots of pictures and cute prop ideas and here are some more Cowboy ideas

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