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S’more themed Evening of Excellence

We based the evening of Excellence on Elaine Dalton’s Young Women Let’s Give Them S’mores talk. 9/17/2011 church news and based the program on Virtue experience #1.

For the theme, we had a fake campfire in the center of the room (logs glued in a log cabin formation on a wood board covered with tissue paper and “lit” with a church friendly small fan and light. We sat the girls in a circle around the “campfire” with the parents on an outside circle. There were various references to S’mores through the program (quotes from Elaine Dalton’s talk) and the refreshments included brownies with s’more topping, a s’more bar cookie, s’more toffee, and some non-s’more cookies. We sent them home with s’more in a bag with directions to make a s’more in the microwave. Invitations and the week-before reminders had pictures of s’mores on it. The girls were excited about the s’mores.

For the program we had girls to focus the spiritual side of personal progress (fire symbolic) and to encourage parents to help and encourage the girls who are done with personal progress to do “s’more”. The program consisted of doing together (parents and girls) Personal Progress Virtue Experience #1 (The Holy Ghost) with 6 scriptures read, 6 girls telling what they learned the scripture (interspersed with each class sharing a personal progress experience and project ) and 2 girls telling when they have felt the guidance of the Holy Ghost (part of Virtue #1) .A handout was created to write down the Personal Progress experience. We used quotes from Elaine Dalton’s talk and had 3 girl narrators. One girl sang with her guitar ” The still small voice” from the Primary Songbook. It achieved the goals and did not break the budget.

As a memento of the evening, we had parents give two positive descriptions of their daughter in advance and put the girl’s name and the 2 words in a pretty picture frame with cool paper and fonts. This is part if Individual Worth #7.


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