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Young Women Value Quest

In this “quest for value” the young women will be divided into two teams with at least one leader each. They will play 7 games relating to 7 of the YW values and, at the end, should emerge with 8 value-colored flags. The way to win is to complete all of the games and get all of the flags before Mutual ends. And of course, they should have fun!

Materials: (Just a quick overview)
-16 flags, 2 for each value color (flags could be cut and sewn, or just scraps of fabric or ribbon)
-*Might want to bring a couple big T-shirts for Inspection
-a set of scriptures
-10 or so wooden blocks (at least enough for every team member to get one)
-2 grocery bags filled with assorted food stuffs
-1 bin of small children’s toys
-5 fold-up chairs (the church ones work great)
-chalk, eraser, and chalkboard (the church might have a large rolling one, or at least a small portable one)
-a flowerpot full of rice/gravel/dirt/stones/etc.
-7 or 8 fake flowers
-a tray of treats

Places: (There will need to be more than one)
Room 1
-Scripture Trivia
-Snack Attack
Room 2 (Cultural Hall/gym/large room)
-Service Obstacle Course
-Test of Life
Outside (area with a flat surface)
– No Girl Left Behind
-Stepping Stones

Team 1 (Come up with a fun name! We used Survivors.)
1. Inspection
2. No Girl Left Behind
3. Stepping Stones
4. Scripture Trivia
5. Service Obstacle Course
6. Snack Attack
7. Test of Life

Team 2 (We used Believers.)
1. Inspection
2. Scripture Trivia
3. No Girl Left Behind
4. Service Obstacle Course
5. Snack Attack
6. Stepping Stones
7. Test of Life

The Games: (Finally!)

Divine Nature~ Inspection
-This game will be all together, before the teams are defined.
-All the girls line up while the leaders inspect them for modest clothing. (Warn them the Sunday before.)
-If any girls do not pass, give them the T-shirts to cover up.
-Divide the girls into teams and award them their blue flag!

Individual Worth~ No Girl Left Behind
-This game should be outside, at a low wall if there is one, or any similar structure.
-The object of the game is to get all of the girls over the wall without letting anyone’s hands or feet touch the wall.
-If someone’s hands or feet touch the wall, the whole team has to start over.
-One person is allowed to bypass the rule to get to the other side.
-When all the girls have reached the other side of the wall, they are awarded their red flag!

Knowledge~ Scripture Trivia
-The team has to answer 8 questions about the scriptures.
-They are allowed to reference one set of scriptures, which should be in the room.
-If someone answers incorrectly, they must keep going until they find the right answer.
-When all the questions have been answered, the girls are given their green flag!

Choice & Accountability~ Stepping Stones
-The goal of this game is to for the team to use their “stepping stones” (blocks of wood) to hop from one point to another.
-To start, the girls line up at the starting point.
-A leader gives the first girl a scenario that requires a choice between something good and something not good. For example: Your best friend who is a non-member asks you to go to the movies with her on Sunday. What do you say?
-If the girl answers the question with the best choice, she earns her stepping stone. She sets it on the ground in front of her and steps onto it and the leader gives the next girl a different scenario. The next stepping stone is passed down the line, the girl in front sets it down, and all the girls move up a stepping stone.
-If someone gets an answer wrong, you should tell them the best answer and give them their stepping stone anyway. (Don’t want to be too mean.)
-If someone touches the ground while they are on the stepping stones, they have to go to the end of the line and answer another question to get back on the stones.
-When enough stepping stones have been laid to reach the ending point, the girls already on the stepping stones can hop across. Any girls left waiting will still have to answer a question to get onto the stepping stones, but can then go straight across. (As long as they don’t fall off.)
-As soon as all the girls have made it across the stepping stones, they earn their orange flag!

Good Works~ Service Obstacle Course
-This obstacle course will have 5 stations involving small services they can do any time. There can only be one girl at a station at a time, but as soon as that girl finishes, someone new runs in to complete the task for themselves.
-Obstacle 1: Help a leader with her “groceries”. The girl must first fill the two bags with the food items and then carry them across the room and back again. Then she must empty the bags for the next girl.
-Obstacle 2: Clean up toys. Children’s toys should be scattered around the room. The girl will have to get them all into a bin and then spread them out again for the next girl.
-Obstacle 3: Clear the chalkboard. A chalkboard should have scribbles and writing all over it. The girl has to erase the board entirely and then scribble over it for the next girl.
-Obstacle 4: Mutual set-up/clean up. The first girl sets up 5 folded chairs in a neat row and then goes on to the next station. The next girl folds up the chairs and props them against a wall or puts them on a chair rack. The next girl must set up 5 chairs again, and so on.
-Obstacle 5: Plant a garden. A flowerpot should be filled with sand/gravel/rice with some fake flowers set beside it. The girl must “plant” all of the flowers securely in the pot and then pick them all for the next girl.
-These may be done in any order.
-Once all the girls have finished the course, they get the yellow flag!

Integrity~ Snack Attack (This was the favorite in my ward!)
-The room will have a large tray of assorted treats. Before the girls go into the room, their leaders tell them that they cannot eat any treats inside that room.
-Then everyone goes into the room and sits down around the treats, knowing that they cannot eat them. Their leaders proceed to tempt them, maybe eating some of the treats themselves, waving the treats in front of the girls, etc.
-Do NOT tell the girls that the reward for skipping the treats is their flag. (Unless maybe a younger girl gets really frustrated.)
-After 10 minutes, the girls get to leave the room and are awarded their purple flag!

Virtue~ Test of Life
-This game will be done all together after both teams have completed the other 6 games.
-Before the girls enter the room, they should all be blindfolded. The leaders will turn off all the lights and lead the girls into the center of the room.
-One leader will tell the girls that this room is their life and that they will be tested while in it. She will tell the girls that they need to make the right choices to return to our Heavenly Father. Then, the game begins.
-Two leaders stand at opposite ends of the room, each in front of a door. One leader guards the door to heaven while the other leader guards the door to eternal suffering. Each leader will say pertaining things trying to get the girls to come to them. Ex: “Come read scriptures with me, girls.” or “Come drink this. It will make you feel funny.”
-If there are enough, have two more leaders play missionaries, one for each “side”. These advocates can walk up to the girls and maybe take their hands gently, trying to lead them back to their side, speaking to them the whole way.
-If a girl reaches Satan’s door, they will be given one more chance. The missionary from heaven’s side will walk up to the girl and ask her if she will please come to church, or something similar. Hopefully, the girl will follow the missionary over to the doorway to heaven.
-When a girl reaches Christ’s door, the leader in front of it opens the door and leads the girl outside. She takes off the blindfold and tells the girl “Congratulations, you made it.”
-Once all the girls have made it out of the room, each team is awarded their gold flag. (You might also have a good cry.)

At the end of the quest, get all the girls into one room. Have the teams lay out all the flags they earned and ask them what they notice about the colors of the flags. When they say that they are the value colors, ask them which color is missing. When they say white…

Faith~ Follow in Faith
-Ask the girls and their leaders if they had fun. Ask the leaders if they think the girls on their team were cooperative and good sports. Finally, ask the leaders if they think the girls were good listeners and if they followed directions. When the leaders say yes, which they certainly will, award each team their white flag.

Now that both teams have all of their flags, take the chance to go over the activities. Explain how each activity relates to the value it was meant to, and let anyone who wants to share how they felt during the activities. Finally, everyone can eat the treats left over from the Snack Attack game! That is, if the leaders left any. ;D

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