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Put Put Golf Acitivity

Combined Young Men, Young Women activates are a little more difficult in the winter. We changed A FHE activity to work for a combined YM/YW activity.

1st. We broke up all the youth into six teams

2nd: Each team was given a class room and building odds and ends like carpet rolls, duct tape, etc

3rd: Each team spent about 20 minutes constructing their hole in the room

4th: Then all the teams started on the next room over and tried each hole going around the church.

Before we asked all the youth to bring a putter if they ahd one. We kept score on the attached score sheets, as well as had a “Best Golf Outfit” award. Some of the youth really got into the costume part of it. Then we all went to the “club house” and had treats. Some of the youth said it was their favorite activity they have had. Super easy

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