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Daddy / Daughter game (Newlywed style)

We had a Daddy/Daughter date night for our Young Women. We started with dinner, ours was pizza and rootbeer floats. Then we played Know Your Partner (as some of our young women don’t have a dad, we borrowed Uncles and Grandfathers). Split the fathers and daughters and while fathers were making and enjoying their own rootbeer float, we asked questions of the daughters:

1. What is your dad’s favorite passtime?

2. What is your dad’s favorite food?

3. What kind of music does your dad listen to?

4. What is your dad’s favorite color?

5. What is your dad’s favorite season?

Then while the young women made and enjoyed their rootbeer floats, We asked the fathers the following quesions:

1. What is your daughter’s favorite color?

2. What is her favorite thing to prepare in the kitchen?

3. What is your daughter’s favorite song artist?

4. Name 4 subjects in school your daughter is enrolled in.

5. What is her favorite season?

The answers were written on white 9 X 11 cardstock. Then after the rootbeer floats, each pair sat together. Each question was asked in turn. The father guessed what the daughter said and vise versa. Each correct answer got one point. The winners got more ice cream to take home for the rest of the family.

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