Give the Savior a Christmas Gift – FHE

Give the Savior a Christmas Gift — of your service — for Christmas this year.

The premise of this cute idea is simple. Christmas is about the Savior, and since we can’t give him a tangible “present” when we celebrate his birthday in December, how about we offer him the gift of extra service?

You’ll need:
– a poster board or piece of heavy paper,
– a pen or pencil for each family member,
– a set of scriptures for each family member, and
– a bunch of small stickers (the dot kind work well).

To prepare, draw a picture of a large heart (or our family drew a picture of a present) on the poster board.

Have a brief lesson on the holiday season; we all love to receive presents, but emphasize the importance of remembering what the holiday season is really about: celebrating the birth of our Savior, to whom we owe everything. Make the point that each of us can show our love for the Savior through acts of service. Set a goal that this holiday your family will work extra hard to show our love for the Savior through service.

For each act of service a family member does for another family member, a friend, or another person they place a sticker on the poster. The goal is to fill up the picture with kind acts before the end of the year.

At your next family home evening, follow up on the lesson by inviting family members to share what special acts of service they did during the week.

(I heard this idea at Relief Society Sunday, and so we did this at our house last night for FHE. My kids went crazy running around the house picking up other peoples’ things so they could put a sticker up on the chart: “DD, I put away your shoes!” “DS, now I put away YOUR shoes!” I think this is a fun and meaningful lesson idea, and I hope our family can make it an annual tradition. ~Jenny)

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