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Personal Progress Value Cakes

The Naperville 2nd ward had a great idea for food at YW in Excellence

“DESSERTS: It’s hard to see but we had 8 cheese cakes, and the toppings were in our 8 value colors. A huge baker’s thank you to our dear YW Pres. Sis. Wutzke for all her work! Yummy!
White: “whipped cream” for Faith,

“Blue: “Blueberries” for Divine Nature,

“Red: “cherries” for Individual Worth,

“Green: “Kiwi” for Knowledge,

“Orange: “Mandarin oranges” for Choice and Accountability,

“Yellow: “Lemon pudding” for Good Works,

“Purple: “Blackberries” for Integrity, and

“Gold: “apples” for Virtue.”

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