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Literacy Auction

Sisters read for three months to earn points. (Or however long your unit wants, we do July/August/September and let new sisters estimate–we have our auction in October.)Sisters keep track of their points in a booklet, then use their points to bid on items donated by other sisters at our Literacy Auction in October. This activity accomplishes two purposes. First, the sisters are encouraged to read a lot and to read different things than they might ordinarily read. The list of reading-related activities can enrich their daily lives with new knowledge and bring them closer to the Savior. Second, by donating items or services to the auction, sisters share their talents with each other. (Many items are homemade: scarves, quilts, cards, treats, aprons. Services have included: baby-sitting, grocery shopping, house cleaning, gardening. Other items include: gift certificates, gently used books or other items, candles, movie night kits, gift baskets, lotions, jewelry, crafy or scrapbooking items.) Sisters may find that others share common interests with them. Bidding can get exciting and everyone goes home with something they can enjoy.

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