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The Amazing Race

We invited parents to come with the children. We divided the kids and adults into 3 groups (because we have 3 lobbies that needed to be cleaned). We made sure that each group had at least one adult in it. Your building needs may be different. We had color coded teams (Plastic tablecloths in Primary colors) cut into strips to tie around their arms or legs.
(Our Approver/disapprovers wore: Big garden hats, aprons and sunglasses. They could not say anything or offer clues to the teams. They just followed each team and made sure the tasks were finished to satisfaction.)

We made ROADBLOCK envelopes/clues. Each task had to be completed to satisfaction or they would have to repeat the job. Each clue said: Warning: The last team to finish this task will be given a SPEEDBUMP before they will be given their next clue. (For us, the ROADBLOCKS were: You must make the entrance ways shine-whistling or singing Primary songs as you work.)

The first SPEEDBUMP was:
You must make the living waters shine-Clean the drinking fountains, bathroom and kitchen sinks. Also sweep the floors if needed.
We then had DETOUR #1. envelopes/clues. Put your shoulder to the wheel and push the vacuums. We have 3 vacuums available in the church. So each CLUE was a little different-depending on what they were supposed to vacuum. Since there were more team members than vacuums, the other team members were assigned to pick up clutter in the rooms-skipping to their destinations. Each clue had the warning: Warning: The last team to finish this task will be given a SPEEDBUMP before they will be given their next clue.
The 2nd SPEEDBUMP: You must set up the chairs in the overflow of the chapel.
We again made envelopes/clues. This clue was the last one. It said that they should hurry back to the Primary Room (Pit Stop) for awards and refreshments.
The remaining tasks were all different things that needed to be done as far as cleaning the church. We equally divided up the extra cleaning jobs into 3 different tasks.
The clues were something like: YOU MUST CLEAN THE DUST BUNNIES. (dusting piano, organ, wall trim boards. YOU MUST MAKE YOUR SLATE CLEAN. (cleaning the chalkboards. We only have one official We only have one official chalk board cleaner appliance. Therefore, all of the other team members cleaned the chalkboard trays with damp cloths.) YOU MUST EMPTY ALL OF THE TRASH CANS.

WE bought dollar store awards: gold, bronze, and silver medals—1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

We figured on 2 hours. Not many people showed up. We were still able to finish cleaning the church in a little over an hour. We had bought fun cd’s of Primary music to fill in the extra time, but forgot to take them. You would want to do something like that. We had an opening exercise (explaining what we were doing) with a fun song to begin the day. One of our older girls asked if she could prepare the refreshments as one of her requirements for her Faith in God. She brought rice krispie treats and lemonade.

The kids said that they had a good time. We saved our clues. We are going to try and use this idea next year.

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