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The Books of the Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt that leads the participants from one place to another to find the books of the Book of Mormon in order, and have them read one significant scripture from each. We did this with our Young Women, and they were really into it. We came up with this as a way to promote memorizing the books and a little about them each.

We had two teams, red and blue. First, I took the clues, cut them out and glued them to red or blue cardstock. Then, I wrote on the back of each the answer to the previous clue. (So, when they read a clue, they would need to find the answer on the next card, and then receive the next clue.)
Second, we picked places around the building to “hide” the clues. We tied them up using yarn that was their team color.
Then, we sent the girls out in their teams, instructing them to take turns reading the scripture and clue, and then work together to find the answer. Even though we were in and out of the church, we told them there was nothing in the chapel, and we asked them to be reverent while inside the building.
We sent one leader with each group, and they had an answer guide explaining where the clue was hidden.
The girls really enjoyed this activity. One team didn’t read the scriptures, and finished first. But, they sat together waiting for the other team to finish, read the scriptures and taught each other a song to memorize the books.
Their prize was a set of scripture marking pencils and list of all the scriptures we use for the scavenger hunt.
This really was a lot of fun for everyone involved!
You may need to alter my clues and locations based on what is available at your location.

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