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Pinewood Derby

Mutual Activity
We have a very small ward with only about 2-4 YW attending mutual, regularly. To encourage attendance, and a fun activity, we thought about inviting the RS sisters. I thought it would also help the YW have a better relationship with the RS sisters, easing the transition when it’s time. We held a Pinewood Derby. The RS sisters thought it was great. They got to sit and watch while their husbands did the cars with their sons. Now they got to do one of their own. The men even got excited, but they were informed it was only for the sisters. The men did set up the track for us, though. It was a fabulous activity. 23 women/YW came. Two of them were even there as a cheering section, not as racers. We did have a few sisters who didn’t want to make a car, so we had styrophome “bug” cars to decorate and race also. The bug cars came from a kit that was ordered online. product: gp567. cost: $30 including tax and s/h and coupon code for a pack of 24. It’s just a styrophome 1/2 egg shape. You paint it, glue on google eyes & pipe cleaners, and put the wheels on it. They don’t race on the track well. The lady who recommended them said they blew them across a table at their activity. We still did it on the track. There were a couple of less active sisters/girls and a couple of friends who came. One friend, who was there just to watch, asked how she could get a car to make as well. She thought it looked fun. There were a few kids, a couple husbands, cookies, brownies and a lot of fun. What a great way to have fun while promoting sisterhood.
Laura Walmer

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