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Walk A Day In My Shoes

We had a couple of posters with drawings of shoes and the following written.

Shoes are worn for different reasons, every pair has a story. Just like shoes, women are in different seasons of their life, and every woman has a story.


You are cordially invited to come to our Enrichment Night and bring a pair of shoes. Any shoes; big ones, little ones, slippers, dress shoes, running shoes, colorful shoes, drab shoes, shoes that fit, shoes that hurt the feet, etc. etc. etc. Then be prepared to tell your story about the pair of shoes you bring.

We also want to do a service project, so we are asking you to donate “flip-flops” to be sent to the Philippines. We want to collect as many as we can. We will also take donations of hard candy to be included. This is a good time to get flip-flops because they will be on sale. Please bring them the night of the Enrichment.

We have a sister who is from the Phillipines and she let us know what is most needed to serve the people there. We had a great turnout and the sisters were very generous with their donations and we had over a 100 flip flops and many bags of hard candy to be sent to the Phillipines.

The fun part of the activity was when each sister took her turn to tell the story of her shoes, and what a variety of stories were told. We laughed, we cried and we learned something about each other that had not been shared before.

After, we served light refreshment and enjoyed the evening.

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