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Road Rage while trying to get to the Temple!

This was a blast when we did it! First, you’re going to need a car! Then, you’ll need a dice that has things written on it such as: turn left, make a “U” turn, ect. OR if you want to do it like we did, put things on it such as: CHINESE FIRE DRILL at next stop sign, or wave frantically at the next 5 people you see outside the car!, ect. So, everyone will take turns rolling the dice, the object is to try to get as close to the temple after rolling so many times. Then, when you’ve rolled however many times, you have to pull over and eat dinner where ever you are (Yes, even if you’re on Main Street)! While you’re eating, the leaders or whoever can give a mini lesson saying that you won’t end up at the temple just by luck, you need to prepare! This was so much fun! It really got everyone laughing!
—This game might not work so well if you live in a big city!

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