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Secret Grandmothers

We asked the relief society for a list of grandmotherly woman that would benefit from having a little friendly service.

We assigned each YW a secret grandmother for the duration of the project. (Being flexible for absences, new YW, etc.)

Quarterly we made a gift for the secret grandmothers and took the girls to anonymously deliver the gifts at the end of the activity. They always wrote a note to include with the gift and signed it “Your Secret Grand Daughter”.

The gifts were: potted flowers (April), cookies (July), Painted Pumpkins (October), Christmas Cocoa mugs (December), Valentines (February).

To close up the project, the YW sent invitations inviting the women to a “Women’s Social” where their secret grand daughter would be revealed. At the activity, we made place cards and seated the women at the tables before the girls. We then introduced the girls one at a time and had them go sit with their grandmother. We served veggies and desserts and played a couple of get-to-know you games.

The women and the YW loved this!

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