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Times and Seasons

We had 6 tables set up by birthday months (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, Jun/July etc.) We had sisters volunteer to decorate a table and one to make the birhtday cake for that table. People brought fun dishes and things from home to decorate the their table and then we used the birthday cake as the centerpiece. As the sisters arrived they were asked to sit at the table of their birthday month. We then had a box of get to know you questions for them to go around and ask each other at the table (If you knew me you would know…(I like traveling to Europe).
For the menu we had yummy foccia sandwiches, butternut squash soup and a spring salad and for dessert we had the awesome birthday cakes people had made. For our program we had 4 sisters from our ward speak about the season of life they are in and what they have learned and how they enjoy that season. (We had a young married for Spring, a Mom with four young children for Summer, a Mom with children in college for Autumn and a fun grandma for winter). We had a great time and really enjoyed learning from each other and then we ended with our RS pres. sharing her thoughts with all of us and closed by singing As Sisters in Zion. For gifts we made a Cd of fun uplifting music for each sister to take home.

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