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Musical Fireside

At Girls camp we always have a testimony meeting the last night of camp. We wanted to do something spiritual for the girls before the meeting, this is what we came up with and it is great. We have a musical fireside right before the testimony meeting starts. We start with a very breif talk about music and how it influences our lives. Our Level 6 girls or our YCL’S choose their favorite church song. They share a brief testimony about why this song is their favorite and how it is uplifting for them. (Their testimonies can be written before hand to help the girls keep it breif). Then we sing one verse of thier song. One year we had a young woman play the violin. She played the song while the girls were sharing their testimony. It was beautiful. Each girl was givien an opportunity to share. This activity realy set the tone for our testimony meeting. *The opening song for the meeting was our camp directors favorite song, and she shared her testimony. The closing song was our Stake Presidents favorite song, and he closed the meeting. (We had everyone give us their favorite song before camp so we could print the words of the verse they chose. We made a special program for this activity so everyone could have a copy.)

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