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Girls Camp Skit


Hi, my name is _______.
And my name is _______,

(_________) On behalf of the Captain and the flight attendants we welcome you aboard Celestial airlines today. If I could have your undivided attention for a few minutes for some very important instruction on the Safety procedures for this Eternity 747 airplane and for Celestial airline regulations.

(_______) This aircraft is equipped with many important things to keep you safe. Should you encounter a sudden drop or change in your testimony, immediately bow your head and start praying. In Case you are traveling with someone who does not know how to pray then simply take their hand and say the prayer for them.

(________) If the aircraft goes down over the bumpy waters of life, then stand up and pick up the gospel cushion you were sitting on and use it as life vest and floatation device. Simply put your arms through the gospel straps and wrap your arms around the gospel cushion as follows. This will help you keep your head above the stormy waters.

(______)If you are situated on row 3, you are seated in repentance row. This allows you to be the first one to serve your fellowman in the event of a disaster. If a disaster happens, wait until we are at a complete stop, Open the safety door. The inflatable repentance evacuation chute (HOLD UP SIGN) will automatically inflate and you will assist all passengers down the chute to safety. It is your job to make sure that everyone knows about the repentance chute and that they follow the gospel light. If for any reason you think you are unable to complete the assigned task then raise your hand now and we will have the captain give you a blessing.

(________)When the Captain turns on the fasten Safety belt sign then it is required that you be in your gospel seat. If you are out of your gospel seat please return to it immediately. To fasten your Safety belt you must open your Scriptures and read. The belt releases when you think worldly thoughts. When the captain turns off the fasten Safety belt sign you are free to use your free agency and move about. However When you are tempted to date before 16 or watch an R rated movie remember it is always best to be anchored to the gospel seat so please return to it immediately and open your scriptures.

(______)In case of a faith failure. Follow the light that comes from the glowing example of faithful men and women onboard.
tThere are two restrooms (POINT) which are located at the front and the back of the Plane. Remember that Celestial Air prohibits smoking. Anyone found to have disabled the smoke detector in the restroom will immediately find themselves weary and short of breath.

(_______)After the Captain has turned off the fasten Safety belt sign, we will be coming through the cabin to offer you your choice of non alcoholic beverages.
tThank you for flying Celestial airlines and please make sure to join “Eternity” our frequent flyer club. Enjoy your flight.

The passengers on the plane start singing the following song to the tune of Gilligan’s Island.

(Start off by rocking back and forth while you are singing)
Just sit right back and we’ll tell a tale. The Tale of a faithful Jet.
That took right off from Heav’n above to face the mortal test.
There are the Mia-Maids, the Beehives too. The Laurels &. the rest.
We’re headed on our jo-ur-ney to earth to do our best.
Repeat: TO EARTH TO DO OUR BEST (Louder)tt

Satan’s tempest started ra-ging the storms they came our way.
The Jet succumbed to satans power. The engines blew away.
We spiraled down in-to the sea, we all thought we would die. (LOOK SCARED)
But as we hit the wa-ter, there came a peaceful tide. (GIVE A SIGH OF RELIEF)

We remembered what the Captain said and grabbed the gospel seat (HOLD THE SEAT)
We wrapped our arms a-round it, at the chute we did all meet.
We jumped right out to safe-ty and then we held on tight.
And huddled all to-geth-er on that dark and dreadful night.
ttt Repeat: THAT DARK AND DREADFUL NIGHT (louder)t

We bowed our heads and said a prayer a prayer of gratitude
That we all got out in safety. But now we wanted food! (RUB YOUR BELLY)
The sharks they did surround us. Temptations came our way (Raise your Sword)
But with our sword of righteousness the sharks we all did slay.

The rescue ship approached us and life vests they did throw. (Catch the life vests)
We all got safe-ly on the ship and to land, we all did go. (Short Pause)
Once on dry land the test began and we’re happy that we’re here. (Smile)
With God’s help we’ll make it through. And conquer all our fear.

(Miamaids stand)There’s the Miamaids, (Beehives stand) the Beehives too. (Laurels Stand) The Laurels (leaders Stand) and the rest.
We made it through our jour-ney here. We passed our earthly test.
tt (Repeat loudly in exaggerated opera voice):

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