Team Building/ Alien Hunt

We used this as a Primary quarterly activity, but it
could easily be used for any number of groups (YW, YM, RS, etc).

We split up all our primary children into 4 different groups. Then each group went to a variety of team building activities. In each, they had to solve a problem by working as a group. I got ideas for these activities from:
The ones that we used were balloon keep up, sinking ship, toxic waste, etc.

At the end of this, we had an “alien hunt”. Half of the leaders hid on the church site and the groups had to work as a team to find them. If the leader was found, then he/she asked a church related question (e.g. “Quote an article of faith”). If the team answered incorrectly, then they couldn’t “capture” the leader, and the leader could then re-hide. At the end of 30 minutes, all the leaders who were “captured” were taken into the culture hall. The teams who found them then got to pie them in the face with a whipped cream pie!

Our Primary really had a great time at this activity (espeically the pie part!). It is very easy to set up and takes only minimal preparation. Good luck!

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