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Girls Camp spiritual lead-in to Bishop’s night

Our 2006 Young Women’s camp theme was BOOT camp (Build Our Own Testimony). When the girls arrived at camp they were given a real dogtag on a chain with their name and their group (Fly Girls, Army Bratz, Babe Brigade…) on it.
Our theme scripture was:

Ephesians 6: 10-18

We did this activity at night and used luminaries to guide the girls along a straight and narrow path. They chose 6 of 12 dogtags (I made them using laminated cardstock) that were offered along the path. 6 of the dogtags were plain and ordinary and had one of President Hinckley’s original 6 Bes on it. They were lit up by a plain brown paper bag luminary and were contained in or next to a form of military protection.

The dogtags and what they were next to:
Be Grateful-flashlight
Be Smart-canteen
Be Clean-helmet
Be True-night vision goggles
Be Humble-army boots
Be Prayerful-Swiss army knife

Just off the path were colorful luminaries designed to draw the girls off the straight and narrow way. There were also arrows along the path with temptations printed on them pointing to the brightly colored luminaries. (3 or 4 at each grouping–I made them using water color paint on white lunch bags.) They surrounded a colorful bag with a dog tag with something in very small print written on it to make the girls curious.

On the first arrow trying to get the girls off the path was:

“I want what’s over there!”
Printed on the first dog tag bag was: SELFISHNESS

2. “It’s FUN to go this way!” IGNORANCE

3. “Just one time won’t hurt!” ADDICTION

4. “No one will know!” DECEPTION

5. “This way for COOL people” PRIDE

6. “Don’t worry, nothing will happen!” UNBELIEF

As each girl walked the path the girls who hadn’t left yet sang hymns and primary songs which added immensely to the spirit. The girls went individually so they could decide on their own whether or not to leave the path. Afterwards many of them said they did and realized their folly when they found the “cool” bags off of the straight and narrow way to be empty.

The 3 bishops who spoke that night were each assigned 2 of the Bes. They used the form of military protection as an object lesson to go along with the boot camp theme. They also pointed out the empty feeling we get when we don’t choose the right.

We then had a testimony meeting. The girls loved it and have their dogtags as a reminder of the evening.

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