Don’t get caught without…

This is similar to musical chairs, but more reverent for the classroom setting. It may be better to do this activity before the topic discussion.

Have each person sit in a circle. Hand spoons out to all but one person. Explain that the goal is to not get caught without a spoon when the leader randomly calls out STOP.

TO BEGIN: When leader says GO, the spoons are passed around the circle until STOP is called out. The one(s) without a spoon is eliminated. They may become the new leader saying GO and STOP. Chairs may need to be slightly re-arranged if used. Remove a spoon as each person is eliminated.

This activity can be used to demonstrate how we don’t want to be caught without a covenant marriage (or another fitting topic). If needed, a good discussion may be to say that, unlike the game where we didn’t have much choice in our final situation, in daily living we have much more control over our choices and actions.

If desired, a picture representing the topic can be attached to the spoons.

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