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Are You Ready To Be On Your Own? Budget Activity

YM/YW Combined Mutual LIFE Budget Activity – Tuesday, April 18, 2006tttttttttttt
Schedule ttttttttttt
6:00 PMtChurch open for Booth set-uptttttttttt
7:00 PMtGet Bag of Life, turn in your white elephant gift – Opening Excercisesttttttttttt
7:10 PMtBudget Class & Budget Worksheettttttttttt
7:35 PMtStart by doing your Jobttttttttttt
8:20 PMtAsses Accounts – Announce Winnersttttttttt
8:30 PMtClean-up by allttttttttttt
Each Class is responsible for having at least 1 adult run their booth for the entire evening. Design and set up by class members and their advisor
Priests – Car Center – Pay Car Insurance & Gas (1 check ok) after doing box car or remote control car safety course (please use free materials). Will be responsible for creating box car and safety course. Paper Cars to give when they pay their bill by Mia Maidsttttttttttt
Teachers – The Arcade and Entertainment area in “The Mall” (please use materials people already have). Will be responsible for bringing church approved entertainment to use at booth and to charge for each game
Deacons – The Payment Center and Bank – Accept Deposits, Payments and help with banking questions. May need two adults to handle volume effectively – take deposits and payments, make entries in their books give them paper slips representing what they have paid for (provided by Mia Maids) (Bring calculators from home)ttttttttttt
Laurels -tThe Salon in “The Mall” – paint nails, do hair whatever (include any samples available or spa type bath treats to purchase you have a budget of $10) Create an attractive place for youth to come and spend their money – charge realistic or exagerated salon prices for services – Have fun getting them to spend their moneyttttttttttt
Mia Maids – The Food Court in “The Mall” – sell food to the kids (budget of $40). Create an attractive fun atmosphere with refreshments available to purchase (decorate with poster board in front of long tables and each posterboard be a different food shop so about 5 per table) Food suggestions: Snow Cones, Popcorn, Ice cream bar, pizza, hot dogs, nachos ????????? (YOU WILL NEED MORE THAN 10 EXTRA JOB CHECKS TO GIVE OUT DURING THE EVENING)tttttttt
Beehives – The Job and Payday Center – assign church cleanup jobs to youth, when finished they get their “Paycheck” Assign jobs and hand out paychecks (5 min jobs)ttttttttt
Branch Presidency – Be You – Have tithing slips (or mock ones) available and offer help as needed in filling them out and how to calculate if necessary.ttttttt
Extra Helper 1 – Trinket/Boutique Store Clerk – Assign a dollar value to each white elephant gift and then run the store – Only allow 1 purchase per persont

Extra Helper 2 -The giver of Life cards (envelope with card that has a check or a bill) randomly give one to each participantttt

All Youth -Bring a White elephant gift for the trinket store and your own calculatorttt

Sis Clines – tAll paper document creation for bag of life and Invitations/Remindersttt

Mia Maids – Megan – Music for the multi-purpose room – Megan please pick music that is cool and you know what I mean by church approved if you need help, let me know and we will go over church approved play lists.ttttttt
Budget Class Speaker/Instructor – Mia Maid Class Presidencytttttt
Mia Maids, Laurels, Trinket shop helper, Teachers each adult will get 4 extra paychecks from the options page to give to youth who volunteer to help out in the booth for at least 10 min will receive $100 2nd job paychecktttttttttttt
End of Night Handouts:ttttttttttt
Payday candy bars: full size for those that have at least 200 left in their checking account and have all 6 paid cards, Fun size Payday for those that have less than 200 but are not in debt, NO candy bar and any items from the trinket/boutique store repossed if they are in debt at the end of the night.tttttt
All received a small notebook to record their real monthly expenses (this helps the YM with their Personal Finance merit badge)

All received the end of night hand out copied double sided these graphics are from from the article from the New Era from 9/05ttt

Life Bag Contentsttttttt
Life sheettttttttttttt
Budget sheettttttttttttt
Check Booktttttttttttt
Credit card w/ balance sheettttttttttttt
savings booktttttttttttt
One for the money (a church publication that you can order for free)ttttttt
all in paper bag either pink or bluetttttttttttt
stickers for outside of bag include: Each participants name, The game of LIFE, pay an honest tithing, savings, fun, recreation, mission savings, food, housing, utilities, learn to manage money before it manages you, education, use a budget, transportation. (put on address labels in color with graphics)

Comments on the Evening: The activity was great not only as a learning experience, but the youth had a lot of fun. They wanted more time at the end of the night, maybe could have started earlier. Also, not everyone brought their white elephant gift. Glad I brought extras.

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