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I Can Trust in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, thier promises are sure.

We were asked by our Stake Primary Presidency to introduce the theme for the year as a Primary activity. We started by having a “guest” who was Nephi come in and tell the kids about his adventures being asked to build a boat for his family. He explained how he did not know how, but he listened to Heavenly Father and knew He would show him how to build it. After the story we split the children into 4 groups by ages and rotated through 4 rooms.

Room 1–Build a Boat
The leader quickly showed them how to fold a boat out of paper. Then she told them to do it. Of course they couoldn’t do it without step by step instructions. She then wlaked them through it and they completed their boat. She explained (while folding) that Heavenly Father would never ask us to do something without clear instructions. We can always ask Him for help and directions.

Room 2–Big Board Game of Choices
We put pieces of construction paper around the room like a big game board pathway. The kids were their own pawns or we paired them up. Then they took turns drawing a paper out of basket with a choice written on it. Such as “you helped your sister make her bed, move forward two spaces” There were also bad choices that asked you to move backwards. The point of this game is when we make good choices we get to the end easier. Nephi chose to obey the commandments and Heavenly Father blessed him.

Room 3–listening activity
We blindfoled one child at a time and then the leader went soemwhere else in the room and quietly called the child’s name. The child had to listen carefully and follow the leaders voice. With the older kids we had the other children try to distract them or act as temptations to make it harder to find the adult. After everyone had a turn we talked about listening to the Holy Ghost and listening for help all along the way. It was neat to hear each childs experience with the temptations voices. It was a very powerful reminder to them how important it is to listen.

Room 4–treat time
One of our boys was trying to complete a goal for his faith in God award and so he helped the kids decorate cupcakes. It didn’t have anything to do with the theme, but the boy in charge earned his goal and had a good experience being in charge.

We ended back together, wraped up and sang “Nephi’s Courage”. It was a fun activity, it cost almost nothing and the kids were taught gospel principles through some fun activties. We had about 35 kids.

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